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Photo Collection Management Services


This is an on-site review of your entire photo collection. We provide a customized, maintainable system for getting your collection organized.


Your collection is sorted and pared down so your favorites are easy to find and share.


Family treasures are converted to digital format and incorporated into your system. We focus on helping you with solutions for securing your best photos in a safe location.


Your favorite photos and family memories can be shared in a number of ways. We recommend options that will highlight your favorites in a format that works for you.


As a single mom with a demanding job, I had zero time to organize the gigantic library of photos on my ancient computer. I felt like my photos were unusable in this state. Soon after meeting Julie, I trusted her to access my computer remotely so she could bring order to my chaos. When she finished, all of the stress I had felt about my photos was gone!
Julie and her team helped me create an album of my son’s life to share with his new bride at their wedding. It was truly lovely! It can be daunting for someone my age to sort through so many photos, but Julie kept me focused. I’m quite proud that I was able to complete such a heartfelt tribute.
I was so overwhelmed by the thought of going through thousands of family photographs. But Julie’s team, helped me really look at the project in an organized way. Once we got going, I couldn’t believe how much easier it was. Julie is an inspirer and she inspired me to keep going with my task. She took me from a place of being extremely overwhelmed to a place of saying “I can do this!”