A Time and Reason to Tell Your Story

Picture This Organized helps you share your life journey with family and friends. We sort through the past and preserve the most significant pieces for the future. Tell your stories through pictures and videos of travel, activities, and milestones that can be shared with generations to come.

During the current crisis, we are still able to guide you while gathering photos, art, film, and managing your existing collections. Although we can’t do in-person consultations, we can support you through webinar appointments to show you what we do and how we do it. We’ll explain ways to prepare your items or digital files to mail or transfer to us, then collaborate and keep you updated through email instructions.

We also want to offer some interesting thoughts about how we can provide value to both existing and new clients at this time.

A DIY project to preserve your commemorative photos, film, and more

Many of us are experiencing some unanticipated downtime. Some of us are figuring out how to reconnect with our family or keep kids occupied. All of us are finding ways to deal with our anxiety and stay focused on what really matters. Now may be the perfect time to go through boxes of old photos and film reels or organize artwork, letters, and newspaper clippings you’ve collected over the years. Take your time with this fun-filled project and know you can read our blog articles anytime for tips and advice to showcase your project.  If you decide you want to go a step further, we’ll discuss the many different ways we can work our magic!

We Can Help Tell Your Coronavirus story

We are in the middle of a historical event. Prior generations have never experienced a global pandemic or the impact it has had across countries and different segments of society, from the economic changes to daily hygiene routines. On television, the internet, and social media, unprecedented events are occurring every few days. We know from 911 that the details of our experiences will fade over time, and memories of dates, pivotal moments, and emotions will be lost. If you want to be certain future generations know what happened and how it felt, you have an opportunity to preserve your personal story and visually describe how your life changed. There are many ways to display and store these memories, and we can tell you all about them.

Learn how to gather information in a free 30-minute consultation

From letters to online conversations, tattered pictures to digital images, both old and new memories can show how our lives have evolved. Whether you are digging through the attic to unravel the mystery of your family tree or wondering when you and your kids will get your next haircut while snapping photos of the empty grocery aisles in a health crisis, you are living history.

In the meantime

We are all cooking new recipes or ordering food in, binge-watching television, and practicing sports or exercising at home. Capture moments when we find creative ways to work around changes and losses. How is your family finding ways to cope? Share authentic discussions and reactions.

The best way to handle Coronavirus or any other life disruption is to acknowledge it, find a way to adapt and keep your mind busy. For you and your family, it may be the right time to gather up your treasured photos or take new videos. Reach out to have them put together in a way that tells your original story. It will bring you closer to family, keep you active,  Stay safe and healthy!

For a limited time, Picture This Organized is offering a free 30-minute consultation to talk about your DIY project goals online, discuss ideas for sorting photos according to themes, and explain several options for displaying or sharing them. This service is usually reserved for new clients who have already decided to work with us, and as support for clients who have multiple projects and continuing needs. The free consultation will revert back to helping our new and current client packages ONLY as of June 1st. Please reach out and take advantage of our offer!

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