Our Mission

At Picture This Organized, our mission is to help families organize their life treasures so they can share their life stories.

We seek to help you preserve your family legacy by providing services and products that are best suited for your needs. We take all the guesswork out of caring for your photos.

As we work side-by-side with you, listening to your stories, goals, and preferences, we become trusted advisors for the management of your photo, memorabilia, and home movie collections. With the ever-changing options and standards, any product or service we use is researched and tested before recommending it to you.

Giving Back

Picture This Organized believes in giving back to local and national causes. One such organization that captured our hearts is Love Not Lost, a beautiful non-profit based in Atlanta, GA that exists to honor and preserve the memory of those facing a terminal diagnosis as well as to educate people on how to love and support those who grieve.

Love Not Lost gives complimentary family photography sessions and photo albums that preserve their loved one’s memories. Picture This Organized is proud to support this organization’s efforts.  Read more about Love Not Lost.


Owner, Julie Kessler

family photos


Julie has always been interested in life stories. She firmly believes that our past shapes who we are and creates a lasting legacy we can share with our loved ones. Photos are visual examples of our lives, and they tell the stories of our heritage.

When she and her siblings created an 80th birthday album for their father in 2009, the project sparked a passion for preserving life stories. The album became a tribute to an older man struggling to find purpose in his daily life. For his children and grandchildren, it gave a small glimpse into the person who evolved into the family patriarch.

Julie’s family spent hours huddled together, poring over 80 years of memorabilia, photos, and stories of their father’s childhood, hobbies, and relationships. Typically a very private person, her father was emotionally moved by this heirloom representation of his life. He would re-read each page almost daily. Just two years later, a bittersweet benefit of this project was sharing it at his memorial service. Seeing his extended family and friends enjoy the stories brought his memories to life again.

Completing this project inspired her to help families share their history and enjoy their photo collections, videotapes, films, art, and other keepsakes.

Memberships & Involvement

Everyone at Picture This Organized has specialties, but are cross-trained in other areas to support a full project scope. Skills are combined to offer these four key services:

  • organizing
  • scanning
  • album and slideshow design
  • photo editing

We typically provide in-person consultations to learn more about your project. However, we also guide and support you remotely from any location by phone or video call.

Picture This Organized shares a love for photos and the stories behind them. Managing a photo collection requires being able to identify each member of a family, recognize eras and milestones, and spot potential storytelling moments to highlight. Each time we review the photos in a collection, we get more acquainted with the people to identify family members expertly as they mature through the years.

At Picture This Organized we share a willingness to learn, combined with strong technical knowledge of computers and digital media. We know how to distinguish whether a photo's information is accurate and then use the material gathered from our client to make the necessary adjustments. This assures that the timing and detail of the moments captured are secured and that the images are shareable with family and future generations.