Feel like your photos and videos are out of control? The first step is to start with an on-site assessment of your entire collection.

This assessment can include:

  • Prints, artwork and memorabilia.
  • Digital images on computers, smartphones, camera cards, tablets, and websites.
  • Home movie tapes and reels.

We’ll ask you questions about your goals, your computers and devices, your current backup system, and your photo sharing needs.

During this stage, we’ll also ask you how involved you’d like to be in the photo organization process.

Some of our clients want to work side by side with us, and others want us to manage the whole process for them. Either one is fine – we’re flexible.

Once we’ve gathered all the information we need, we’ll make recommendations, and give you a customized proposal for getting your collection organized. This will include products or services to help you secure and share your photos.

Want to take the first step toward getting your photo collection organized? Contact us today for your free consultation, so we can talk about your needs, answer any questions, and schedule your on-site or virtual assessment.