Growing video collection

How to Manage Your Growing Video Collection

We live in a time where technology allows us to easily capture all the special moments in our lives. Videos are a part of our family legacy. They share memorable stories of vacations, birthdays, milestones, and more. Unlike still photos, videos capture the unique mannerisms and voices of the people we love as we celebrate these moments. Whether reliving your baby’s first steps or hearing the laughter of a loved one, videos capture emotions and help us remember our past.

As time passes, many hours of video add up, and you may wonder how to manage them all. Organizing your videos by themes, people, or events will make these memories easier to find, watch, and share. It also makes it faster to turn collections into meaningful projects and gifts for specific family members. Getting started can seem like a daunting task, but our photo managers at Picture This Organized are here to help you gather disorganized videos in various media and turn them into a manageable collection.

Family History Stories

Family History Stories Through Interviews and Questionnaires

Every family has a story worth sharing. Capturing a family legacy lets everyone connect deeply as they gather to discuss favorite memories and combined history. Once the story is captured, Picture This Organized can help you share it through a family history album or tribute video. Family interviews allow us to get to know your family better so we can help retell important stories from the perspective of the people who lived them. They also provide a space for meaningful conversation amongst family members about their lives and memories that they want to pass on. The result is one of the greatest gifts you can experience with those you love and generations to come.

video documentaries and albums

Video Documentaries and Albums to Honor the History of Your Business

Every business has a story, and how you tell that story is important for future generations and new owners. Should you decide it is time to pass the company to other family members or put it up for sale, you’ll want a complete story that visually represents the history, explaining how and why it became the business it is today. From video interviews of original owners and staff to meaningful photos and memorabilia, Picture This Organized can help you document the most important milestones that could impact the direction the business takes long after you decide to step away.

Legacy Albums That Tell the Story of Your Business

Legacy Albums That Tell the Story of Your Business

If you own a small business or a family business, you know that a successful company is the result of time invested in relationships, dedication to developing quality products and services, and nurturing the growth of your employees. You and your employees have probably captured many nostalgic moments in photographs since you first opened your doors. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have these memories gathered and organized in a way that honors and preserves your business’ history and legacy?


Wall Collage and Family Albums

Wall Collages and Family Albums

Special Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad Smile

Every day, fathers are busy teaching their children how the world works and encouraging them to enjoy their favorite hobbies, sports, and activities. Father’s Day is an excellent time to relive some of the best “dad moments” in a personal and memorable gift, such as a wall collage or a family history album. Each gift is a lasting tribute that captures your unique relationship and extraordinary moments. From family photos to images of his favorite collectibles, it is a wonderful way to show your special Dad how much he means to you.


mom video tribute or photo album

Celebrate Mom With a Video Tribute or Photo Album

Mothers do so much for us, from carrying us during our first moments of life and raising us to feel loved every day. Which is all the more reason Mother’s Day is extra special. It’s a day we give back to our mothers and let them know how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us.

A great way to honor your mother is with a video tribute or photo album revisiting all of her most remarkable life experiences. Unlike flowers or chocolate, photo albums last a lifetime! So, if you’re looking for a last-minute mother’s day gift, purchasing a gift certificate for a personalized tribute or photo album may be an incredibly thoughtful idea.