How We Can Help You Build a Top-Notch Family Photo Website with SmugMug

How We Can Help You Build a Top-Notch Family Photo Website with SmugMug

As our families grow and relocate, many of us find ourselves separated from loved ones by cities, states and sometimes oceans.

We stay connected and up-to-date with the details in each other’s lives thanks to technology like text messaging, video calls, or social media.

But what happens when we want to share photos with one another across the miles? Photo file size can limit what we can attach in an email, and some photo sharing sites limit the number of photos, or don’t keep your images secure.

Our team is excited to introduce a new service, building family photo sites using a web-based photo sharing solution called SmugMug. Here’s three reasons you might consider working with us to create your own family photo site using this site: (more…)

Answers to Our Clients’ Most Common Questions About Photo Organizing

Answers to Our Clients’ Most Common Questions About Photo Organizing

Tackling a photo organizing project is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle. You lay all the pieces out on the table, find all of the edges, and soon the border takes shape.

Then you start connecting pieces with similar colors, lines, or words. When you have questions about what the project is supposed to look like, you look to the photo on the box to guide you.

When it comes to fitting all of pieces of your photo collection together, a professional photo organizer can help you see the big picture and motivate you by showing you what a finished project might look like.

We get a lot of questions about the photo organizing process from prospective clients, so we wanted to compile the answers to the most common ones in this quick Q&A post.  

Let’s dig in! (more…)

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

If you love viewing and sharing your pictures in photo albums, do any of these scenarios describe you?

You have shelves full of bulky scrapbooks.

You’d like to add to a forgotten photo album left unfinished.

You made a scrapbook or photo album for a family member, but now you want to update it with current pictures and stories.

If so, I’ve got the perfect answer for you! It’s called a hybrid album, and I guarantee it’s going to open up all kinds of creative possibilities for you.

You create a hybrid album when you take an older photo album or scrapbook (whether it is six months or six years old) and combine it with new, updated images and stories to create a brand new album. (more…)

iPhoneXR Camera Features

The New & Improved Camera Features of the iPhone XR

When it comes to technology, we can all rely on one thing: change! Doesn’t it always feel like companies release brand new models with better bells and whistles? And usually right after we’ve committed to a big technology purchase!

Apple is notorious for doing this, especially with iPhones. But if you’re in the market for a smartphone upgrade and you love snapping photos with your phone, it would be worth taking a look at Apple’s iPhone latest camera improvements.

Last September, Apple released two new iPhone models: the Xs and Xs-Max. Both of these phones now have dual camera lenses, but they are definitely on the pricier side. A more affordable option, and the one we will highlight in this post, is the iPhone XR.

We’re going to talk about some of the new iPhone XR’s latest camera features, and tell you how each of these can improve your pictures. (more…)

How to Create a Mini Photo Album in an Instagram Story

How to Create a Mini Photo Album in an Instagram Story

After a season of family celebrations or a holiday vacation, many of us might want to tell the story in a photo album. We like to take them off our shelves, turn the pages, gaze at the memories, then share them with family and friends through the years.

Then the onset of social media gave us yet another outlet for sharing our stories with photos. 

If you’re using Instagram, you might post a few photos on your feed, but perhaps you haven’t considered the idea of creating a “social media scrapbook” using Instagram Stories.

You’ve probably seen Stories – they are the colorful circles at the top of your Instagram feed. You can tap on them to view someone’s photos or videos. 

My daughter-in-law Nicole recently posted a photo story celebrating the sixth-month anniversary of their wedding day. I loved the creative way she told the story of their day with photos.

In this post, I want to pass along the inspiration and the process for creating an electronic photo album using an Instagram Story.


Making the Most of Your Annual Photo Review

Making the Most of Your Annual Photo Review

“Auld Lang Syne.” The world rings in every New Year to this familiar song. The song originated from an ancient Scottish poem whose title roughly translated means “for old times’ sake.” The song encourages us to preserve friendships and fondly reflect back on the events of the year.

Doing an annual photo review, where we look back over our memories and moments from the past 12 months, is a great way to reflect on 2018.

It can seem daunting to comb through a year’s worth of photos to choose your favorites to include in your best of 2018 collection, but the benefits of a review like this extend well beyond your own photo organization.

You can enjoy a display of the year’s photo highlights on your computer or in a wall collage. The family and friends featured in your best shots will also appreciate viewing the images in a photo book or album shared online.

As 2018 draws to a close, here are our ideas to help you create and share your own Year in Review with photos. (more…)

3 Ideas to Help You Organize and Preserve Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

3 Ideas to Help You Organize and Preserve Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

“Once you have mastered a technique, you hardly need look at a recipe again and can take off on your own.” Julia Child

That may have been true for Julia Child, but when it comes to our once-a-year, holiday family favorites, I need the recipe! And it’s not just about how to make the food, but also remembering the people and the stories behind each dish.

If you’re like me, you like to have all of your holiday recipes organized in one place, so it’s easy to find them.

By organizing and safekeeping our recipes, we can make sure future generations will be able to enjoy all our family favorites. As our families grow and begin to add new favorites that turn into holiday food traditions, we want to be sure and keep those recipes handy as well.

Some of our holiday recipes are handwritten on cards or paper. Others are on a dog-eared page inside an inherited cookbook. Nowadays, we also grab recipes from websites and receive them via texts on our phones. It can be challenging to keep everything centralized.

Here are some ways to document, preserve, and easily locate those important holiday recipes we want to make year after year. (more…)