Julie's Favorite Photo Projects - A Guest Post on the APPO Website

Julie’s Favorite Photo Projects (a Special Guest Post on the APPO Website)

Picture This Organized was recently featured on ThePhotoOrganizers.com, the Association of Personal Photo Organizer’s (APPO) site.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is helping my clients pull their photos out of bins and boxes to put them on display. Groups of photos can tell a compelling story, whether they’re in simple photo displays or more complex albums. In this APPO guest post, I share my own favorite photo projects. Albums, slideshow videos, and creative displays around my home each tell a story in its own unique way.
Reimagine Your Family Holiday Card

Reimagine Your Family Holiday Card: Our 2018 Guide

November is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about this year’s holiday card.

While we may receive a few embossed cards with an artful image on the front and a thoughtful sentiment inside, at least 75 percent of the cards we receive every year feature photos.

Looking at photos in our holiday cards keeps us connected to friends and family far away. We get to watch children grow and celebrate milestones like graduations and weddings that have happened over the previous year.

Because it’s fun to receive news and pictures from friends at the holidays, many of us also enjoy sending our own photo cards every year. But coordinating and executing that family photo card can add to the stress of preparing for the holiday season.

To help lighten the load, and throw some creative fun into the mix, we’ve created our 2018 Holiday Greeting Guide. Some of these ideas might just surprise you! (more…)

Getting to Know iCloud Photo Library

Simple Tips to Help You Get to Know (and Use) iCloud Photo Library

Not sure what it means when someone says, “Oh, I saved it to the cloud”? You’re not alone.

There’s a lot of confusion about what the term “in the cloud” actually means these days – and your uncertainty may be holding you back from harnessing this important and useful technology.

The “cloud” is simply another name for the network of computers that use the internet to receive, send, store, and share information outside of our own local machines and devices.

iCloud is Apple’s version of cloud-based storage. It’s an ecosystem that merges and syncs all content on all devices into one account. If you’re using Apple devices, you’re probably already using iCloud to back up data like mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and messages.

But if you feel like you really don’t know iCloud, how it works, or how it can help you manage your photos, then this post is for you! (more…)

Overcoming the Stress of Mess

Overcoming the Stress of Mess: A Busy Mom’s Journey to Photo Organization

Kelly Caffee wanted to find a photo of her son’s birthday party on her phone or computer – but years of accumulating photos with no organization turned a simple search into a huge frustration.

Kelly is a busy single mom who has a demanding job that requires a lot of travel. Her schedule didn’t contain any extra gaps for things like sorting and organizing her photos.

Many of our clients are just like Kelly. They are frustrated by constantly being short on time, and overwhelmed by the enormity of their photo collection.

Here’s the story of how Kelly left that stress behind her to find order and efficiency in her photo collection. (more…)

7 creative ways featured image

7 Creative Ways to Showcase Yearly School Photos

School and September mean “Picture Day!” to many parents in the United States. We sent our kids off to school that morning with their hair combed, and wearing a sparkling new outfit (hoping and praying it still looks good at picture time).

But when we get the prints of the adorable school portraits, what happens next?

Most of us admire our kids’ pictures for a few days and maybe give some to grandparents at Christmas. Eventually, the rest of the prints we ordered accumulate in a box, forgotten for years to come.

What if you rescued those photos out of storage, to display in some fun and creative ways? The challenge: avoiding displays that make your child uncomfortable or embarrassed when people see them.

Here are some ideas for creatively displaying yearly school portraits.

Protect Your Printed Photos

Keys to Protecting Your Photos to Preserve Them for Future Generations

Your photos are valuable pieces of history that tell YOUR story. Photo memories should be kept as safe as heirloom jewelry, or favorite art pieces.

It’s important to keep your entire photo collection safe. From vintage family photos to your most recent prints, they will all be part of history someday.

We want to help you preserve your printed photo memories by protecting them from natural elements and unsafe storage choices.

Here is our best advice on what to do to keep your printed photos safe. (more…)

Three Tips for Organizing Albums in Apple Photos

Three Tips for Organizing Albums in Apple Photos

Are you overwhelmed by the large quantity of photos in your Apple Photos Library?

Do you get annoyed when you have to scroll through ALL of your photos to find the ones you’re looking for?

There is a solution! Albums to the rescue!

An Album is simply a collection of images in Apple Photos. Apple Photos gives you the freedom to create your own albums and folders in the app. Organizing your photos in this way eliminates the time-consuming task of searching for images in the library.

In this post, I’m going to show you to three ways to create and organize albums, so you never need to worry about digging around for a particular image again. You’ll know exactly where your photos are, and how to find them quickly and easily. (more…)