How to Gather Your Digital Photos for Picture This Organized

Spring cleaning season is upon us. While you’re busy cleaning out flower beds and closets, you may be considering hiring us to clean and organize your digital photo collection.

You’ve had your phone consult with us, and you’re getting ready for us to assess your collection.

Gathering your photos is the first big step. We can do this for you, but with a few hints, this is a job you can certainly tackle yourself.

As you begin gathering your photos, be sure to read our list of tips meant to help save you time, money, and energy. (more…)

3 Ways Our Clients Benefit from Our Professional Association of Photo Organizers

As students, patients and customers, we all benefit from teachers, physicians, and IT professionals taking part in communities where they gain extra knowledge.

In the new and growing industry of Professional Photo Organization, an association exists to help photo organizers like us grow our skills and knowledge as well as our businesses.

Through the networking and growing membership of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), more people are receiving value when professionals help them organize their photos.

Read on to see the ways Picture This Organized’s membership in APPO serves our clients well. (more…)

How My Kids' Weddings Became Part of Our Family Legacy

How My Kids’ Weddings Became Part of Our Family Legacy

In a span of just 15 months, all three of our children got married.

Our daughter Molly married Michael in Washington state in July, 2017. Then our youngest son Sam married Nicole in May, 2018, and our oldest son Ben married Amberlee in October, 2018. We traveled to Texas for both our sons’ weddings.

Helping our kids plan their weddings was a wild ride! But each one gave us a mixture of sweet moments, as well as a few inevitable funny mishaps, providing stories we’ll never forget.

At Picture This Organized, our mission is to help our clients preserve their legacies, and I can’t think of many other events that contribute to family legacies the way weddings do. (more…)

How We Keep Our Clients' Photos Safe, Secure, and Private

How We Keep Our Clients’ Photos Safe, Secure, and Private

Family photos are priceless and intensely personal.

We don’t want just anyone to view the sacred and intimate moments of our lives – so we are careful about sharing our photos with others.

Perhaps you want someone to help you organize your photos, or create an album. But you’re reluctant to hire a professional without assurance that they’ll keep your photos private and protected.

At Picture This Organized, we understand the gravity of trusting someone with your photo collection. Here are three reasons why you can feel confident when you hire Picture This Organized as your professional photo organizing team. (more…)

Near and Far: An Inside Look at How We Help Our Out-of-State Clients

Near and Far: An Inside Look at How We Help Our Out-of-State Clients

At Picture This Organized, we make our home in Colorado. But some of our clients, like Sheila Monkarsh, do not!

Several years ago, while packing to move from Colorado to California, Sheila was staring at thousands of printed photographs stored in plastic bins. She knew she couldn’t move all of them, because their new home would have less storage space and no basement.

The professional organizer working with Sheila suggested she contact Picture This Organized to digitize her photos before the move.

But our relationship with Sheila didn’t end when she left Colorado!

This is the story of how technology allowed us to continue working on Sheila’s photo collection in Colorado, while she got settled in on the west coast. (more…)

How to Take Charge of Your Family History Research

How to Take Charge of Your Family History Research

Deep down, all of us long to know where we came from. We want to understand our roots, see our ancestors’ faces in photos, learn their names and stories.

Along the way, we even uncover funny details that make our families unique. Erma Bombeck once wrote, “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.”

You can’t lose a detail like that! We want to make sure we relish and archive as much of our history as possible.

Perhaps you’re a budding genealogist, just beginning your research – or maybe you’ve been looking into your family history for some time, and you find yourself with a growing, unorganized, genealogy collection.

Either way, we’ve got some tips in this post that will help you sort through the confusion growing inside the tangled branches of your family tree. (more…)

How We Can Help You Build a Top-Notch Family Photo Website with SmugMug

How We Can Help You Build a Top-Notch Family Photo Website with SmugMug

As our families grow and relocate, many of us find ourselves separated from loved ones by cities, states and sometimes oceans.

We stay connected and up-to-date with the details in each other’s lives thanks to technology like text messaging, video calls, or social media.

But what happens when we want to share photos with one another across the miles? Photo file size can limit what we can attach in an email, and some photo sharing sites limit the number of photos, or don’t keep your images secure.

Our team is excited to introduce a new service, building family photo sites using a web-based photo sharing solution called SmugMug. Here’s three reasons you might consider working with us to create your own family photo site using this site: (more…)