Advice for Planning Smooth and Personalized Memorial Service for Your Loved One

Advice for Planning a Smooth and Personalized Memorial Service for Your Loved One

The new year didn’t begin the way anyone in our family expected. On January 1, my mom passed away after a brief illness. My sisters and I spent the next month working together to host our mom’s memorial service.

Between my husband and I, we’ve now planned all four of our parents’ memorial services. I’ve learned a great deal, so I put together some suggestions to help smooth out what can be a chaotic and overwhelming process for grieving families.

When a loss occurs, every family will make decisions that are unique to their own situation and family traditions, but my hope is that these suggestions provide guidance and support for how to make your loved one’s service honorable and personal. (more…)

Stay Organized in 2020 With Help from Your Photos

Stay Organized in 2020 With Help From Your Photos

A new year is a great time for fresh starts and getting organized.

If you’re facing a full Saturday of organization tasks, armed with new plastic bins, file folders, and labels, consider keeping your smartphone camera handy as well.

We all know photos help us tell stories and preserve memories, but we don’t usually consider adding photos into our toolbox of organizational equipment.

In this post, we suggest some ways that photos can help you get more organized as you head into 2020. (more…)

Tips for Taking Memorable Holiday Photos

Tips for Taking Memorable Holiday Photos 

The holidays are right around the corner. 

While we busily prepare with last-minute shopping, wrapping, and cooking, our focus is on spending time with loved ones in the days ahead.

Then we face this age-old problem: the holidays are over and we realize everyone was too busy to take photos of the festivities. 

Here are some tips to help you take photos that will capture the stories of your holiday memories. (more…)

5 Reasons to be Thankful for Photos in 2019

5 Reasons to be Thankful for Photos in 2019

‘Tis the season to be thankful. As you gather together with family and friends to reflect on all you’re grateful for, do photos make your list? 

The continuing evolution of photos has dramatically changed the way we take, save, and share photos.

Our team at Picture This Organized made a list of five reasons to be thankful for photos. We hope these inspire you to create more photo memories this holiday season. (more…)

The Story Behind a Set of Keepsake Photo Albums

The Story Behind a Set of Keepsake Albums

A destination wedding was inevitable for the Marr family. Daniel Marr met his bride, Sara, soon after he moved to Sweden to attend graduate school. The two fell in love, got engaged, and set their wedding date for August 2019 on the Island of Gotland, southeast of Stockholm.

The downside of a destination wedding? It can be difficult for everyone to make the trip. But to the delight of the groom’s parents, Dave and Lis Marr, a large group of their family and friends from the United States (including me and my husband Tom), traveled to Lis’s native country of Sweden to join in the festivities.

And we brought our cameras!

This is the story of how we helped Lis gather photos from family and friends to create some beautiful keepsake albums. (more…)

Tips & Tricks to Make the Mac Finder Window Work for You

Finders Keepers: Tips and Tricks to Make the Mac Finder Window Work for You

Have you ever found yourself scrolling and clicking around your computer, searching for a specific photo or document? Opening and closing folders can feel a bit like a game of hide and seek.

If you’re a Mac user, you’re probably familiar with the Finder window. It’s the Mac’s home base, and is often the first place we look for items on our computer. Finder holds the key to locating that elusive file.

Correctly setting up your Finder window will make finding items on your computer much simpler.

We’ve put together some tips, tricks, and tutorials to help your Finder window work more efficiently. (more…)

How We Create a Video Slideshow Celebrating the Bride & Groom

How We Create a Video Slideshow to Celebrate the Bride & Groom

If a family wedding is in your future, you might have “create a photo slideshow for the rehearsal dinner” on your to-do list. 

Video slideshows are a fun way to celebrate the joining of two lives by reminiscing with photos of the bride and groom at different stages of their lives and relationship. Photos of the bride and groom with family and friends also honors the important people in their lives.

The months of wedding preparation are full of busy tasks. If you’re tight on time, and don’t want to learn the technical side of creating a slideshow for the happy couple, our team is available to create it for you. Here’s how to get your photos ready for us: (more…)