How We Create a Video Slideshow Celebrating the Bride & Groom

How We Create a Video Slideshow to Celebrate the Bride & Groom

If a family wedding is in your future, you might have “create a photo slideshow for the rehearsal dinner” on your to-do list. 

Video slideshows are a fun way to celebrate the joining of two lives by reminiscing with photos of the bride and groom at different stages of their lives and relationship. Photos of the bride and groom with family and friends also honors the important people in their lives.

The months of wedding preparation are full of busy tasks. If you’re tight on time, and don’t want to learn the technical side of creating a slideshow for the happy couple, our team is available to create it for you. Here’s how to get your photos ready for us: (more…)

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Printed Photos for Professional Organization

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Prints for a Professional Organizer

We all have them hidden away in our closets and basements. 

It’s those shoeboxes and plastic bins overflowing with years of unorganized photos.

Happily, you can leave the hard work of scanning and organizing those printed photos to us.

When our clients make the investment to have us organize their photos, they often wonder what they can do to speed up the process. In other words, our clients want to know “What’s my role in the organizing process?”

The thought of giving our mess to someone else can be intimidating. But with just a small amount of preparation before we receive your photos, we find that our client projects run more efficiently right out of the gate, saving you time and money.

Here’s some simple tasks to get your print photos ready for us to organize. (more…)

How to Edit Your Summer Photos With Lightroom

How to Edit Your Summer Photos With Lightroom

Are your summer vacation and family gathering photos stacking up on your camera card or phone? 

You may be taking a lot of photos with the intention of posting some on social media, or creating an album. But you may find that some of your pictures need tweaking and a little bit of organization.

Lightroom is a photo editing and organization tool we use everyday at Picture This Organized. Professional photographers use it, but so can you! 

In this post, we explain Lightroom, give you some tips to use it, and give some examples that illustrate how you can make your summer photos shine. (more…)

Let Us Create Your Dream Wedding Album

Brides, grooms, and their families work hard for months to create a perfect wedding day.

When the dancing is over, the guests are gone, and some of the memories have faded, the one thing that lasts for generations are the wedding photos. A few short weeks after the wedding, everyone who was part of the day is excited to view the photos!

It’s no wonder that’s survey of 18,000 newlyweds in 2018 showed 90 percent of them hired a photographer for the big day.

Whether you want to display your own wedding photos, or give a gift to newly married children or grandchildren, we’d love to help you turn those treasured photos into something beautiful to that will last for generations.

Start to finish, here’s how we can create your premium, keepsake wedding album for you. (more…)

How to Gather Your Digital Photos for Picture This Organized

Spring cleaning season is upon us. While you’re busy cleaning out flower beds and closets, you may be considering hiring us to clean and organize your digital photo collection.

You’ve had your phone consult with us, and you’re getting ready for us to assess your collection.

Gathering your photos is the first big step. We can do this for you, but with a few hints, this is a job you can certainly tackle yourself.

As you begin gathering your photos, be sure to read our list of tips meant to help save you time, money, and energy. (more…)

3 Ways Our Clients Benefit from Our Professional Association of Photo Organizers

As students, patients and customers, we all benefit from teachers, physicians, and IT professionals taking part in communities where they gain extra knowledge.

In the new and growing industry of Professional Photo Organization, an association exists to help photo organizers like us grow our skills and knowledge as well as our businesses.

Through the networking and growing membership of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), more people are receiving value when professionals help them organize their photos.

Read on to see the ways Picture This Organized’s membership in APPO serves our clients well. (more…)

How My Kids' Weddings Became Part of Our Family Legacy

How My Kids’ Weddings Became Part of Our Family Legacy

In a span of just 15 months, all three of our children got married.

Our daughter Molly married Michael in Washington state in July, 2017. Then our youngest son Sam married Nicole in May, 2018, and our oldest son Ben married Amberlee in October, 2018. We traveled to Texas for both our sons’ weddings.

Helping our kids plan their weddings was a wild ride! But each one gave us a mixture of sweet moments, as well as a few inevitable funny mishaps, providing stories we’ll never forget.

At Picture This Organized, our mission is to help our clients preserve their legacies, and I can’t think of many other events that contribute to family legacies the way weddings do. (more…)