Case Studies

Case Study – From Organizing to Showcasing

When Picture This Organized started with this family collection, there was a lifetime of print photos contained in one large bin.  Like many busy families, their collection had been shuffled through so many times that the photos were no longer organized and were out of their original context.

The photo organizing process started with grouping the prints into stacks by events, people, vacations and holidays.  In no time, stories started to unfold.  As we worked both side-by-side with the client and off-site at our office, the collection became so organized that we could easily locate specific prints and events.

The collection was then paired down by finding the best representation of events and people.  The best ones were digitized and archived.  Blurred, un-recognizable shots and duplicates were discarded.  Sharing the favorites was a highlight for this client.  At one point, the family needed a last minute birthday gift for her mother.  We were able to design a photo canvas collage in time for the party!  And for Christmas, we designed and published several Life Albums, Grandparent Albums, a photo collage and a photo keepsake.  Now that the family collection is digitized, we continue working together to help them maintain their collection through remote and on-site services.

Case Study – Remote Services

This busy family of five was about to move across the country. Hoping to reduce the size of their photo collection to just the best, they hired Picture This Organized.  Only a few in person sessions were possible before the move, so identifying family members and key events was the main priority to ensure accuracy with the organizing process.

Then with the entire photo collection at our office, the staff organized and selected the best ones, digitized them and then uploaded the collection to a photo-sharing site for the family to review.  School and Sport Albums have been created for each of the 3 children.  Year-by-year books are in process.  While the family settles into life in their new home, Picture This Organized works remotely to keep their photo collection up to date, and organized.

Case Study – Anniversary Album

A few years ago I called Julie through a referral I received from the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.  We worked diligently to select pictures so that the album could be completed in time.  Before I knew it, my pictures were organized, scanned and an album was underway.  My beautiful anniversary album arrived in plenty of time to enjoy with our whole family as we celebrated 50 years of marriage.  Even now it’s still a treasure that I share with everyone. That album brings me so much pleasure and it’s worth it’s weight in gold! –Pat, CO