photos to plan Thanksgiving

Using Photos to Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and quality time with family or friends. If you are in charge of the cooking, however, fun traditions can be overshadowed by the stress of planning and making the meal. It may not seem like photo organization and cooking would be connected, but photos can actually be a huge help to you when it comes time for your Thanksgiving dinner. While we are no professionals in the kitchen, Picture This Organized can help you use photo organization to plan a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

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Fall Traditions

Fall is in the air, and it is time for fun, festive traditions. Picture This Organized is here to help you capture all of the traditions, celebrations, and memories that the coming months bring. From school activities to family traditions, it can be easy to forget to document those special moments. In this series, Picture This Organized will help you capture and keep track of the special events throughout the upcoming holidays so you have easy access to your memories.

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Preserving Summer Memories

Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to take stock of the wonderful memories that were created. Summer memories can take many shapes such as celebrations, family time, vacations, and the start of school. As your fall schedule fills up, let us help you get your photos in order. When we start organizing photos for our clients, we like to sort them into two main categories: photos by year and photos by theme. Our system allows you to easily find all of the photos of your summer festivities, get prepared for special photo projects, and stay on top of your 2023 photo collection.

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Story Telling

Storytelling Through the Generations

Throughout history, storytelling has been key in sharing memories, information, and preserving legacies from one generation to the next. Some styles of storytelling include letters, pictures, videos, articles, interviews, and audio recordings. Although the methods of storytelling have changed over the years, the heart of storytelling has remained the same: people want to be remembered and share their experiences with others

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Preparing to Work

Preparing to Work with Picture This Organized

When our clients make the investment to have us organize their photos, they often wonder what their role is in the organizing process and if they can do anything to prepare their collection. Our most important piece of advice? Send us everything that is important to you. We have a mindful method that will ensure you receive:

  • The best version of each photo, video, or piece of memorabilia
  • Duplicates that are set aside to be discarded or kept based on your approval
  • A complete collection organized by key people, events and timelines

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Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia

Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia Part 3: Masterpieces and Artwork

Pieces of art can hold valuable memories. Some pieces may have been won, awarded or gifted. Others may have been created by someone very special to you. Many of these creations took a huge amount of effort to make, and they hold special meaning. While these treasures are precious and sentimental, most people cannot display every piece of art they acquire throughout the years. Picture This Organized can help you preserve both flat and 3-dimensional masterpieces so they are remembered for years to come.

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Organizing School Photos

Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia
Part 2: Sorting Through Memorabilia

Pieces of memorabilia remind us of special memories from our past. These items may not be something we want to display or access all that often, but we still want to keep them stored away. The challenge many people face, however, is that memorabilia can begin to pile up. After a while, it feels too daunting to sift through it all, decide what is worth keeping, and organize what is left. That is where Picture This Organized steps in.

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