Organizing School Photos

Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia
Part 1: Managing Portraits

School picture day can always be a challenge. Smiles are awkward, hair is askew from having just played a sport, children often have food on their face or clothing, and the shots that are captured are the best the photographer could get. When I was in third grade, I had just cut my own hair, so my mom had to scramble the night before picture day to figure out a hairstyle that covered up my handiwork!

Most of us have years of school portraits from our childhood, and many of us have continued the tradition of keeping all of our own children’s portraits. These photos aren’t always the best representation of us at our best, so why do we keep them in the first place? We think we should because they represent interests and academic history during those formative school years. Nevertheless, we don’t know what to do with them and are afraid to do anything, so those photos end up crammed in a storage bin taking up room in our attic or garage. Most people do not look back at those memories because they are cluttered and jumbled…until they find Picture This Organized.

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Growing video collection

How to Manage Your Growing Video Collection

We live in a time where technology allows us to easily capture all the special moments in our lives. Videos are a part of our family legacy. They share memorable stories of vacations, birthdays, milestones, and more. Unlike still photos, videos capture the unique mannerisms and voices of the people we love as we celebrate these moments. Whether reliving your baby’s first steps or hearing the laughter of a loved one, videos capture emotions and help us remember our past.

As time passes, many hours of video add up, and you may wonder how to manage them all. Organizing your videos by themes, people, or events will make these memories easier to find, watch, and share. It also makes it faster to turn collections into meaningful projects and gifts for specific family members. Getting started can seem like a daunting task, but our photo managers at Picture This Organized are here to help you gather disorganized videos in various media and turn them into a manageable collection.

video documentaries and albums

Video Documentaries and Albums to Honor the History of Your Business

Every business has a story, and how you tell that story is important for future generations and new owners. Should you decide it is time to pass the company to other family members or put it up for sale, you’ll want a complete story that visually represents the history, explaining how and why it became the business it is today. From video interviews of original owners and staff to meaningful photos and memorabilia, Picture This Organized can help you document the most important milestones that could impact the direction the business takes long after you decide to step away.

Flower and Nature Photography

Flower and Nature Photography Tips

How to Capture and Organize Stunning Images

“Actually, it’s nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures; I’m only choosing the perspective.” – Katja Michael

While I like to help our clients organize their photos, when it comes to photography, I’m not an expert! So I decided to call upon the experts in my family and on my team. Here’s what we came up with for tips on taking nature photos.


Declutter Your World and Make a Fresh Start

New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter Your World and Make a Fresh Start

It’s a new year and an excellent time to resolve to unclutter your life, home, or workplace. One place to start is your print photo collection, so you can finally get rid of all the boxes and display and share as many of your memories as possible. We help guide you through assessing and organizing your photo collection!

But photos aren’t the only thing cluttering up your environment. We share ways to clean out closets and maximize storage at home and in business, from important documents to clothing and kids’ toys.


Need a Last Minute, No Fuss Holiday Gift Idea?

It’s getting close to Christmas, and you either haven’t had time to shop or came up empty-handed. How do you find something thoughtful with so little time? One of the most popular last-minute presents is the gift card. But not just any gift card will do.

We had a client who contacted us last year on December 21 to create a gift for his wife. It was something she had wanted for a very long time – to organize her family photos so she could enjoy them more. She hadn’t managed to get the project started yet, and we suggested assessing her collection to help her commit to getting it done. We customized a gift card and emailed it to him in time to be a hero on Christmas morning!