Need a Last Minute, No Fuss Holiday Gift Idea?

It’s getting close to Christmas, and you either haven’t had time to shop or came up empty-handed. How do you find something thoughtful with so little time? One of the most popular last-minute presents is the gift card. But not just any gift card will do.

We had a client who contacted us last year on December 21 to create a gift for his wife. It was something she had wanted for a very long time – to organize her family photos so she could enjoy them more. She hadn’t managed to get the project started yet, and we suggested assessing her collection to help her commit to getting it done. We customized a gift card and emailed it to him in time to be a hero on Christmas morning!


Keeping with Family and Holiday Traditions

Family traditions are ideas and activities handed down over many years and lifetimes. They are important reminders of where we came from and give us a sense of belonging. During the holidays, our choices of food, gifts, music, and decoration communicate our spiritual beliefs and family history. They reflect what we loved most about our upbringing and provide the opportunity to share and honor treasured relationships with future generations. Today, it’s easy to keep traditions alive by creating shareable Family Tradition slideshows and albums.


Preserve Your Memories While Downsizing Your Home

Deciding what to keep, sell, or donate

At different times in life, we find ourselves reorganizing our living space or downsizing. You may be an empty nester or a senior moving to a smaller home. Memories are attached to everything from furniture to linens, and decisions need to be made, but you don’t have to make them alone. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to make your move.