Growing video collection

How to Manage Your Growing Video Collection

We live in a time where technology allows us to easily capture all the special moments in our lives. Videos are a part of our family legacy. They share memorable stories of vacations, birthdays, milestones, and more. Unlike still photos, videos capture the unique mannerisms and voices of the people we love as we celebrate these moments. Whether reliving your baby’s first steps or hearing the laughter of a loved one, videos capture emotions and help us remember our past.

As time passes, many hours of video add up, and you may wonder how to manage them all. Organizing your videos by themes, people, or events will make these memories easier to find, watch, and share. It also makes it faster to turn collections into meaningful projects and gifts for specific family members. Getting started can seem like a daunting task, but our photo managers at Picture This Organized are here to help you gather disorganized videos in various media and turn them into a manageable collection.

Need a Last Minute, No Fuss Holiday Gift Idea?

It’s getting close to Christmas, and you either haven’t had time to shop or came up empty-handed. How do you find something thoughtful with so little time? One of the most popular last-minute presents is the gift card. But not just any gift card will do.

We had a client who contacted us last year on December 21 to create a gift for his wife. It was something she had wanted for a very long time – to organize her family photos so she could enjoy them more. She hadn’t managed to get the project started yet, and we suggested assessing her collection to help her commit to getting it done. We customized a gift card and emailed it to him in time to be a hero on Christmas morning!


What’s Your Photo and Document Backup Plan?

Part 2: How to Back Up Your Computer and Smartphone

In part 1 of this series, we talked about converting paper and print photos to digital devices to preserve original copies. The transition in 2020 to working at home and using more remote services makes us more aware of security issues and how files can become permanently lost. Recent wildfires and other natural disasters also create concern about losing precious photos and valuable documents. We want you to feel safe. Let’s start with your computer.


What’s Your Photo and Document Backup Plan?

Part 1: Converting paper to digital to preserve original copies

As we get ready to roll into the fall season, it’s an excellent time to take inventory. For some, that might mean securing and backing up documents and photos. You may be among many who have recently shifted to working remotely and had to purchase new computers, phones, or other office equipment. In a rush to get up and running, you may have forgotten about the need for backup and security. Recently, businesses have been hitting the news with large scale data loss problems. But what can you do at home? We can help you protect your most valuable paperwork and images. Ask yourself:

  • Do you know where your documents are saved?
  • Are your photos and videos secure?
  • Can you access photos and documents from anywhere?


Getting the Most Out of Your Videos

Over the years, I have collected many hours of film or video to preserve family memories like summer vacations, birthdays, and other special events in the form of home movies. If you have years of reels, videotapes, or DVDs, stored in boxes, learn how to convert old home movies to digital formats to preserve your history.
Your collection may include:

  • Film reels: old film from 3” to 8” with anywhere from 50’ to 600’ of footage. The cost to convert it is well worth being able to view it anytime
  • Tapes: 1 to 2-hour recordings including single or multiple events corrected several hours to many years