A Time and Reason to Tell Your Story

Picture This Organized helps you share your life journey with family and friends. We sort through the past and preserve the most significant pieces for the future. Tell your stories through pictures and videos of travel, activities, and milestones that can be shared with generations to come.

During the current crisis, we are still able to guide you while gathering photos, art, film, and managing your existing collections. Although we can’t do in-person consultations, we can support you through webinar appointments to show you what we do and how we do it. We’ll explain ways to prepare your items or digital files to mail or transfer to us, then collaborate and keep you updated through email instructions.

We also want to offer some interesting thoughts about how we can provide value to both existing and new clients at this time.


How We Create a Family History Book Focused on the Stories

How We Create a Family History Book Focused on the Stories

Any family history project starts with stories, and many of those stories are told with photos.

But we’ve found that family history books focus on the experiences and folklore passed down through generations. Text drives the book, and photos add interest and further illustrate the family stories.

We recently completed a 120-page book for a client that featured family stories shared through documents, interviews, family trees, and photos.

Read on to see the part Picture This Organized played to preserve and spotlight four generations of a family’s history. (more…)

Advice for Planning Smooth and Personalized Memorial Service for Your Loved One

Advice for Planning a Smooth and Personalized Memorial Service for Your Loved One

The new year didn’t begin the way anyone in our family expected. On January 1, my mom passed away after a brief illness. My sisters and I spent the next month working together to host our mom’s memorial service.

Between my husband and I, we’ve now planned all four of our parents’ memorial services. I’ve learned a great deal, so I put together some suggestions to help smooth out what can be a chaotic and overwhelming process for grieving families.

When a loss occurs, every family will make decisions that are unique to their own situation and family traditions, but my hope is that these suggestions provide guidance and support for how to make your loved one’s service honorable and personal. (more…)

How My Kids' Weddings Became Part of Our Family Legacy

How My Kids’ Weddings Became Part of Our Family Legacy

In a span of just 15 months, all three of our children got married.

Our daughter Molly married Michael in Washington state in July, 2017. Then our youngest son Sam married Nicole in May, 2018, and our oldest son Ben married Amberlee in October, 2018. We traveled to Texas for both our sons’ weddings.

Helping our kids plan their weddings was a wild ride! But each one gave us a mixture of sweet moments, as well as a few inevitable funny mishaps, providing stories we’ll never forget.

At Picture This Organized, our mission is to help our clients preserve their legacies, and I can’t think of many other events that contribute to family legacies the way weddings do. (more…)

How to Take Charge of Your Family History Research

How to Take Charge of Your Family History Research

Deep down, all of us long to know where we came from. We want to understand our roots, see our ancestors’ faces in photos, learn their names and stories.

Along the way, we even uncover funny details that make our families unique. Erma Bombeck once wrote, “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.”

You can’t lose a detail like that! We want to make sure we relish and archive as much of our history as possible.

Perhaps you’re a budding genealogist, just beginning your research – or maybe you’ve been looking into your family history for some time, and you find yourself with a growing, unorganized, genealogy collection.

Either way, we’ve got some tips in this post that will help you sort through the confusion growing inside the tangled branches of your family tree. (more…)

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

If you love viewing and sharing your pictures in photo albums, do any of these scenarios describe you?

You have shelves full of bulky scrapbooks.

You’d like to add to a forgotten photo album left unfinished.

You made a scrapbook or photo album for a family member, but now you want to update it with current pictures and stories.

If so, I’ve got the perfect answer for you! It’s called a hybrid album, and I guarantee it’s going to open up all kinds of creative possibilities for you.

You create a hybrid album when you take an older photo album or scrapbook (whether it is six months or six years old) and combine it with new, updated images and stories to create a brand new album. (more…)

3 Ideas to Help You Organize and Preserve Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

3 Ideas to Help You Organize and Preserve Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

“Once you have mastered a technique, you hardly need look at a recipe again and can take off on your own.” Julia Child

That may have been true for Julia Child, but when it comes to our once-a-year, holiday family favorites, I need the recipe! And it’s not just about how to make the food, but also remembering the people and the stories behind each dish.

If you’re like me, you like to have all of your holiday recipes organized in one place, so it’s easy to find them.

By organizing and safekeeping our recipes, we can make sure future generations will be able to enjoy all our family favorites. As our families grow and begin to add new favorites that turn into holiday food traditions, we want to be sure and keep those recipes handy as well.

Some of our holiday recipes are handwritten on cards or paper. Others are on a dog-eared page inside an inherited cookbook. Nowadays, we also grab recipes from websites and receive them via texts on our phones. It can be challenging to keep everything centralized.

Here are some ways to document, preserve, and easily locate those important holiday recipes we want to make year after year. (more…)