Unique Photo Project

Unique Photo Projects

We are delighted to organize our clients' photo and video collections, but that is not all we have to offer. Photos and videos serve so many different purposes, so naturally, there are a variety of special projects we are pleased to assist with. Photos and videos can preserve memories, carry on legacies, and be used as sentimental gifts. Whatever project you are dreaming up, Picture This Organized is here to help.

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Turning a Family Cookbook into a Recipe Album

Many people create photo albums of vacations or wedding photos, but albums can also be used to encapsulate and share priceless family treasures like recipes. Cookbooks can span generations and are a special way to preserve memories made in the kitchen or gathering around a table with the people we love. We recently made a recipe album for a client who had a recipe book that was made by her mother and grandmother. Over the years, they cut and pasted recipes from magazines and newspapers as well as adding handwritten recipes. Our client wanted to share this treasure with her kids, nieces and nephews as a Christmas gift. We were able to preserve and replicate their recipe book for her family members to enjoy and continue to pass down to future generations. This was an extremely thoughtful and sentimental gift as well as a creative way to share a part of her mother and grandmother’s legacy with more of the family.

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What to Do with Photos That Represent Difficult Memories

One of our favorite aspects of pictures is how they capture a specific moment that can help us hold onto a memory. However, some memories elicit difficult emotions, and photos of those memories can be challenging to know what to do with. We recently began a new project with a client in his 90s. While his life has been full of many happy memories, there are also difficult moments we are working to archive and organize in a way that makes him feel like we are accurately telling the story of his life while not putting too much emphasis on painful memories. Picture This Organized is here to help our clients navigate any sensitive memories associated with specific photos and create a plan for how best to store those photos.

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preserving handwriting

Preserving Handwriting of the People You Love

A person’s handwriting is deeply personal and can encapsulate a part of them that we can hold onto even once they are gone. Handwriting can bring back fond memories of personal notes, business deals, to-do lists, and recipes. When the people we love are no longer with us, pieces of their handwriting can bring us comfort as we remember who they were. Picture This Organized is committed to preserving and sharing stories, and handwriting plays an important role in the stories our clients want to remember and share.

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Fall Traditions

Fall is in the air, and it is time for fun, festive traditions. Picture This Organized is here to help you capture all of the traditions, celebrations, and memories that the coming months bring. From school activities to family traditions, it can be easy to forget to document those special moments. In this series, Picture This Organized will help you capture and keep track of the special events throughout the upcoming holidays so you have easy access to your memories.

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Preserving Summer Memories

Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to take stock of the wonderful memories that were created. Summer memories can take many shapes such as celebrations, family time, vacations, and the start of school. As your fall schedule fills up, let us help you get your photos in order. When we start organizing photos for our clients, we like to sort them into two main categories: photos by year and photos by theme. Our system allows you to easily find all of the photos of your summer festivities, get prepared for special photo projects, and stay on top of your 2023 photo collection.

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Story Telling

Storytelling Through the Generations

Throughout history, storytelling has been key in sharing memories, information, and preserving legacies from one generation to the next. Some styles of storytelling include letters, pictures, videos, articles, interviews, and audio recordings. Although the methods of storytelling have changed over the years, the heart of storytelling has remained the same: people want to be remembered and share their experiences with others

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