Time for Vacation Album

Time for Vacation … and Keeping Your Memories in Travel Albums

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
– Unknown Author

A vacation travel album is a fantastic way to organize and remember the fun times you had touring Europe with friends, taking a cruise, family camping, and road trip adventures. Each album tells a lively story so you can relive those experiences now or even decades later!

There is something extra special about a classic printed travel album you can hold in your hands, flipping through the pages, that makes you feel like you’re experiencing the emotions and activities with family and friends all over again.
Whether you’re in the pre-planning stage of your trip or you just got home yesterday, we have great advice on what to include and different ways to organize your travel album to remember the best moments of your trip.


heritage album

Share the Love by Preserving Your Heritage Album

The month of February celebrates love, and we believe the best way to share the love is by preserving sentimental old photos that have been aging for years in a Heritage Album. These are large books full of black and white pictures with white borders and deteriorating edges, held in place by photo corners – or what’s left of them. They are old family treasures that take our family back in time to the 1920s through the 50s, but, unfortunately, the large scrapbook format wasn’t designed to last forever. No need to panic; we got this.


Declutter Your World and Make a Fresh Start

New Year’s Resolutions: Declutter Your World and Make a Fresh Start

It’s a new year and an excellent time to resolve to unclutter your life, home, or workplace. One place to start is your print photo collection, so you can finally get rid of all the boxes and display and share as many of your memories as possible. We help guide you through assessing and organizing your photo collection!

But photos aren’t the only thing cluttering up your environment. We share ways to clean out closets and maximize storage at home and in business, from important documents to clothing and kids’ toys.


Keeping with Family and Holiday Traditions

Family traditions are ideas and activities handed down over many years and lifetimes. They are important reminders of where we came from and give us a sense of belonging. During the holidays, our choices of food, gifts, music, and decoration communicate our spiritual beliefs and family history. They reflect what we loved most about our upbringing and provide the opportunity to share and honor treasured relationships with future generations. Today, it’s easy to keep traditions alive by creating shareable Family Tradition slideshows and albums.


How to Take Charge of Your Family History Research

How to Take Charge of Your Family History Research

Deep down, all of us long to know where we came from. We want to understand our roots, see our ancestors’ faces in photos, learn their names and stories.

Along the way, we even uncover funny details that make our families unique. Erma Bombeck once wrote, “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.”

You can’t lose a detail like that! We want to make sure we relish and archive as much of our history as possible.

Perhaps you’re a budding genealogist, just beginning your research – or maybe you’ve been looking into your family history for some time, and you find yourself with a growing, unorganized, genealogy collection.

Either way, we’ve got some tips in this post that will help you sort through the confusion growing inside the tangled branches of your family tree. (more…)

What to Do with That Box of Memorabilia

What to Do with That Box of Memorabilia Sitting in Your Closet

Most of us have little piles (or giant collections) of memorabilia tucked away in our closets.

Your memorabilia box might include:

  • Your children’s (or grandchildren’s) artwork or schoolwork.
  • Family keepsakes that have been handed down through generations.
  • Ticket stubs, trip itineraries, or other evidence of your travels over the years.
  • Letters from loved ones.
  • Anything that has special significance to you.

No matter what your collection includes, it can be difficult to decide what to do with these items. (more…)