preserving handwriting

Preserving Handwriting of the People You Love

A person’s handwriting is deeply personal and can encapsulate a part of them that we can hold onto even once they are gone. Handwriting can bring back fond memories of personal notes, business deals, to-do lists, and recipes. When the people we love are no longer with us, pieces of their handwriting can bring us comfort as we remember who they were. Picture This Organized is committed to preserving and sharing stories, and handwriting plays an important role in the stories our clients want to remember and share.

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Preserving Photo Album

Preserving the Only Copy of Your Family’s Photo Album

For years scrapbooking was a fun and creative way for photo lovers to preserve special memories. Unfortunately, these handmade creations can be bulky to store and tend to fall apart over time. With the help of Picture This Organized, you can maintain the look of your original scrapbook while being easier to store. We want to preserve your scrapbook, not change it, so this album has all of the same embellishments and details as the original.

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Capturing memories during holidays

Capturing Memories During a Busy Holiday Season

Every year November and December seem to fly by! While these months are full of special memories, traditions, and celebrations, it can be easy to let them pass without really getting to savor the moments that make them so magical. Photos and videos allow us to stop and take a second to appreciate the moment, and they remind us of those moments as they become memories. This holiday season, Picture This Organized wants to help you make memories and enjoy your time with family or friends. With this holiday guide, you will not only know what you want to check off of your winter bucket list, but how to capture each moment along the way.

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photos to plan Thanksgiving

Using Photos to Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and quality time with family or friends. If you are in charge of the cooking, however, fun traditions can be overshadowed by the stress of planning and making the meal. It may not seem like photo organization and cooking would be connected, but photos can actually be a huge help to you when it comes time for your Thanksgiving dinner. While we are no professionals in the kitchen, Picture This Organized can help you use photo organization to plan a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

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Family Wedding Album

Creating an Album for a Second Wedding

Second weddings are a time of celebration and contain memories that should be preserved and shared. Oftentimes second weddings contain a smaller group of people at an intimate venue which can create a special atmosphere of close loved ones there to celebrate the couple. Some traditions may look different, but making the day a celebration of the couple and the love they share is all that matters!

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Preparing to Work

Preparing to Work with Picture This Organized

When our clients make the investment to have us organize their photos, they often wonder what their role is in the organizing process and if they can do anything to prepare their collection. Our most important piece of advice? Send us everything that is important to you. We have a mindful method that will ensure you receive:

  • The best version of each photo, video, or piece of memorabilia
  • Duplicates that are set aside to be discarded or kept based on your approval
  • A complete collection organized by key people, events and timelines

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Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia

Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia Part 3: Masterpieces and Artwork

Pieces of art can hold valuable memories. Some pieces may have been won, awarded or gifted. Others may have been created by someone very special to you. Many of these creations took a huge amount of effort to make, and they hold special meaning. While these treasures are precious and sentimental, most people cannot display every piece of art they acquire throughout the years. Picture This Organized can help you preserve both flat and 3-dimensional masterpieces so they are remembered for years to come.

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