Simple Ways to Prepare Your Printed Photos for Professional Organization

Simple Ways to Prepare Your Prints for a Professional Organizer

We all have them hidden away in our closets and basements. 

It’s those shoeboxes and plastic bins overflowing with years of unorganized photos.

Happily, you can leave the hard work of scanning and organizing those printed photos to us.

When our clients make the investment to have us organize their photos, they often wonder what they can do to speed up the process. In other words, our clients want to know “What’s my role in the organizing process?”

The thought of giving our mess to someone else can be intimidating. But with just a small amount of preparation before we receive your photos, we find that our client projects run more efficiently right out of the gate, saving you time and money.

Here’s some simple tasks to get your print photos ready for us to organize. (more…)

How to Gather Your Digital Photos for Picture This Organized

Spring cleaning season is upon us. While you’re busy cleaning out flower beds and closets, you may be considering hiring us to clean and organize your digital photo collection.

You’ve had your phone consult with us, and you’re getting ready for us to assess your collection.

Gathering your photos is the first big step. We can do this for you, but with a few hints, this is a job you can certainly tackle yourself.

As you begin gathering your photos, be sure to read our list of tips meant to help save you time, money, and energy. (more…)

3 Ways Our Clients Benefit from Our Professional Association of Photo Organizers

As students, patients and customers, we all benefit from teachers, physicians, and IT professionals taking part in communities where they gain extra knowledge.

In the new and growing industry of Professional Photo Organization, an association exists to help photo organizers like us grow our skills and knowledge as well as our businesses.

Through the networking and growing membership of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), more people are receiving value when professionals help them organize their photos.

Read on to see the ways Picture This Organized’s membership in APPO serves our clients well. (more…)

How We Keep Our Clients' Photos Safe, Secure, and Private

How We Keep Our Clients’ Photos Safe, Secure, and Private

Family photos are priceless and intensely personal.

We don’t want just anyone to view the sacred and intimate moments of our lives – so we are careful about sharing our photos with others.

Perhaps you want someone to help you organize your photos, or create an album. But you’re reluctant to hire a professional without assurance that they’ll keep your photos private and protected.

At Picture This Organized, we understand the gravity of trusting someone with your photo collection. Here are three reasons why you can feel confident when you hire Picture This Organized as your professional photo organizing team. (more…)

Answers to Our Clients’ Most Common Questions About Photo Organizing

Answers to Our Clients’ Most Common Questions About Photo Organizing

Tackling a photo organizing project is like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle. You lay all the pieces out on the table, find all of the edges, and soon the border takes shape.

Then you start connecting pieces with similar colors, lines, or words. When you have questions about what the project is supposed to look like, you look to the photo on the box to guide you.

When it comes to fitting all of pieces of your photo collection together, a professional photo organizer can help you see the big picture and motivate you by showing you what a finished project might look like.

We get a lot of questions about the photo organizing process from prospective clients, so we wanted to compile the answers to the most common ones in this quick Q&A post.  

Let’s dig in! (more…)

3 Ideas to Help You Organize and Preserve Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

3 Ideas to Help You Organize and Preserve Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

“Once you have mastered a technique, you hardly need look at a recipe again and can take off on your own.” Julia Child

That may have been true for Julia Child, but when it comes to our once-a-year, holiday family favorites, I need the recipe! And it’s not just about how to make the food, but also remembering the people and the stories behind each dish.

If you’re like me, you like to have all of your holiday recipes organized in one place, so it’s easy to find them.

By organizing and safekeeping our recipes, we can make sure future generations will be able to enjoy all our family favorites. As our families grow and begin to add new favorites that turn into holiday food traditions, we want to be sure and keep those recipes handy as well.

Some of our holiday recipes are handwritten on cards or paper. Others are on a dog-eared page inside an inherited cookbook. Nowadays, we also grab recipes from websites and receive them via texts on our phones. It can be challenging to keep everything centralized.

Here are some ways to document, preserve, and easily locate those important holiday recipes we want to make year after year. (more…)

Getting to Know iCloud Photo Library

Simple Tips to Help You Get to Know (and Use) iCloud Photo Library

Not sure what it means when someone says, “Oh, I saved it to the cloud”? You’re not alone.

There’s a lot of confusion about what the term “in the cloud” actually means these days – and your uncertainty may be holding you back from harnessing this important and useful technology.

The “cloud” is simply another name for the network of computers that use the internet to receive, send, store, and share information outside of our own local machines and devices.

iCloud is Apple’s version of cloud-based storage. It’s an ecosystem that merges and syncs all content on all devices into one account. If you’re using Apple devices, you’re probably already using iCloud to back up data like mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and messages.

But if you feel like you really don’t know iCloud, how it works, or how it can help you manage your photos, then this post is for you! (more…)