mom video tribute or photo album

Celebrate Mom With a Video Tribute or Photo Album

Mothers do so much for us, from carrying us during our first moments of life and raising us to feel loved every day. Which is all the more reason Mother’s Day is extra special. It’s a day we give back to our mothers and let them know how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us.

A great way to honor your mother is with a video tribute or photo album revisiting all of her most remarkable life experiences. Unlike flowers or chocolate, photo albums last a lifetime! So, if you’re looking for a last-minute mother’s day gift, purchasing a gift certificate for a personalized tribute or photo album may be an incredibly thoughtful idea.

Time for Vacation Album

Time for Vacation … and Keeping Your Memories in Travel Albums

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
– Unknown Author

A vacation travel album is a fantastic way to organize and remember the fun times you had touring Europe with friends, taking a cruise, family camping, and road trip adventures. Each album tells a lively story so you can relive those experiences now or even decades later!

There is something extra special about a classic printed travel album you can hold in your hands, flipping through the pages, that makes you feel like you’re experiencing the emotions and activities with family and friends all over again.
Whether you’re in the pre-planning stage of your trip or you just got home yesterday, we have great advice on what to include and different ways to organize your travel album to remember the best moments of your trip.


heritage album

Share the Love by Preserving Your Heritage Album

The month of February celebrates love, and we believe the best way to share the love is by preserving sentimental old photos that have been aging for years in a Heritage Album. These are large books full of black and white pictures with white borders and deteriorating edges, held in place by photo corners – or what’s left of them. They are old family treasures that take our family back in time to the 1920s through the 50s, but, unfortunately, the large scrapbook format wasn’t designed to last forever. No need to panic; we got this.


Holiday Photo Gifts

Custom Holiday Photo Gift Ideas from the Heart

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” ― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

If you’ve ever received the gift of a drawing, a handwritten poem, or framed photo from a special event, you know the truth of that statement first hand. As the year comes to a close, we spend time with family and friends reminiscing about our adventures together at holiday gatherings because our memories are precious. What better way to remember our shared experiences than with a gift that visualizes your unique relationships?

Here are some ideas that may just fit perfectly with someone on your gift-giving list:


How We Create “Year in Review” Albums for Our Clients

A year can pass by in a blur, leaving us wondering how so much can happen in 365 days! That’s why we have several clients a year asking us to create “Year in Review” albums. While you might think they would be looking at the most recent year’s events, some decide to go back to a specific year and work their way up to the current day. Each album year has a theme based on the most memorable highlights. It can also be devoted to a specific family member. Collecting photos to preserve this way can take some time, so we break down the project into smaller tasks.


How We Create a Family History Book Focused on the Stories

How We Create a Family History Book Focused on the Stories

Any family history project starts with stories, and many of those stories are told with photos.

But we’ve found that family history books focus on the experiences and folklore passed down through generations. Text drives the book, and photos add interest and further illustrate the family stories.

We recently completed a 120-page book for a client that featured family stories shared through documents, interviews, family trees, and photos.

Read on to see the part Picture This Organized played to preserve and spotlight four generations of a family’s history. (more…)

The Story Behind a Set of Keepsake Photo Albums

The Story Behind a Set of Keepsake Albums

A destination wedding was inevitable for the Marr family. Daniel Marr met his bride, Sara, soon after he moved to Sweden to attend graduate school. The two fell in love, got engaged, and set their wedding date for August 2019 on the Island of Gotland, southeast of Stockholm.

The downside of a destination wedding? It can be difficult for everyone to make the trip. But to the delight of the groom’s parents, Dave and Lis Marr, a large group of their family and friends from the United States (including me and my husband Tom), traveled to Lis’s native country of Sweden to join in the festivities.

And we brought our cameras!

This is the story of how we helped Lis gather photos from family and friends to create some beautiful keepsake albums. (more…)