Let Us Create Your Dream Wedding Album

Brides, grooms, and their families work hard for months to create a perfect wedding day.

When the dancing is over, the guests are gone, and some of the memories have faded, the one thing that lasts for generations are the wedding photos. A few short weeks after the wedding, everyone who was part of the day is excited to view the photos!

It’s no wonder that WeddingWire.com’s survey of 18,000 newlyweds in 2018 showed 90 percent of them hired a photographer for the big day.

Whether you want to display your own wedding photos, or give a gift to newly married children or grandchildren, we’d love to help you turn those treasured photos into something beautiful to that will last for generations.

Start to finish, here’s how we can create your premium, keepsake wedding album for you. (more…)

Near and Far: An Inside Look at How We Help Our Out-of-State Clients

Near and Far: An Inside Look at How We Help Our Out-of-State Clients

At Picture This Organized, we make our home in Colorado. But some of our clients, like Sheila Monkarsh, do not!

Several years ago, while packing to move from Colorado to California, Sheila was staring at thousands of printed photographs stored in plastic bins. She knew she couldn’t move all of them, because their new home would have less storage space and no basement.

The professional organizer working with Sheila suggested she contact Picture This Organized to digitize her photos before the move.

But our relationship with Sheila didn’t end when she left Colorado!

This is the story of how technology allowed us to continue working on Sheila’s photo collection in Colorado, while she got settled in on the west coast. (more…)

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

If you love viewing and sharing your pictures in photo albums, do any of these scenarios describe you?

You have shelves full of bulky scrapbooks.

You’d like to add to a forgotten photo album left unfinished.

You made a scrapbook or photo album for a family member, but now you want to update it with current pictures and stories.

If so, I’ve got the perfect answer for you! It’s called a hybrid album, and I guarantee it’s going to open up all kinds of creative possibilities for you.

You create a hybrid album when you take an older photo album or scrapbook (whether it is six months or six years old) and combine it with new, updated images and stories to create a brand new album. (more…)

Making the Most of Your Annual Photo Review

Making the Most of Your Annual Photo Review

“Auld Lang Syne.” The world rings in every New Year to this familiar song. The song originated from an ancient Scottish poem whose title roughly translated means “for old times’ sake.” The song encourages us to preserve friendships and fondly reflect back on the events of the year.

Doing an annual photo review, where we look back over our memories and moments from the past 12 months, is a great way to reflect on 2018.

It can seem daunting to comb through a year’s worth of photos to choose your favorites to include in your best of 2018 collection, but the benefits of a review like this extend well beyond your own photo organization.

You can enjoy a display of the year’s photo highlights on your computer or in a wall collage. The family and friends featured in your best shots will also appreciate viewing the images in a photo book or album shared online.

As 2018 draws to a close, here are our ideas to help you create and share your own Year in Review with photos. (more…)

Julie's Favorite Photo Projects - A Guest Post on the APPO Website

Julie’s Favorite Photo Projects (a Special Guest Post on the APPO Website)

Picture This Organized was recently featured on ThePhotoOrganizers.com, the Association of Personal Photo Organizer’s (APPO) site.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is helping my clients pull their photos out of bins and boxes to put them on display. Groups of photos can tell a compelling story, whether they’re in simple photo displays or more complex albums. In this APPO guest post, I share my own favorite photo projects. Albums, slideshow videos, and creative displays around my home each tell a story in its own unique way.
How to Tell Your Family History in a Keepsake Photo Album

How to Tell Your Family History in a Keepsake Photo Album

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.” –Chinese Proverb

Do you have boxes of old family pictures and memorabilia stashed away in closets? If so, you might be looking for a way to use them to tell your family story.

Documenting your family history will preserve it for future generations, allowing them to remember and connect to their heritage. The good news is you don’t have to be a genealogy expert to create a lasting keepsake of your family’s history.

A wonderful way to hold onto and share the memories is to create a family history photo book. To celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday, my sisters and I created a keepsake album of our family history as our gift to her. (We included sample pages from the book in this post.)

As I work with my clients, I find that many families have a designated family historian. Is that you? If not, maybe you’re reading this post because you would like to be!

Here are our tips on telling your family story by creating a keepsake album. (more…)

From Overwhelmed to Empowered: How One Couple Mastered Two Large Photo Collections

From Overwhelmed to Empowered: How One Couple Mastered Two Large Photo Collections

What does a man do with 10 plastic bins full of family photographs, history and memorabilia? Jim Grange wasn’t sure, but he knew he needed help.

When Jim and his wife Pam moved his dad and mom into an independent living community, they brought home all of his parents’ photos and memorabilia. Jim wanted to organize the photos and create keepsake gifts for his parents and siblings, but didn’t know where to start.

Our team helped Jim and Pam with the step-by-step process of organizing their parents’ photos and videos, as well as their own family photo collection. This is the story of how these determined clients went from overwhelmed to empowered.

A Team Effort To Assess and Strategize a Plan

At first, the Granges couldn’t see past the enormity of their projects. Pam describes their feelings as they faced the stacks of bins in their basement, “We were so overwhelmed at the start and had no clue how to begin to categorize all of the thousands of photos.” (more…)