Unique Photo Project

Unique Photo Projects

We are delighted to organize our clients' photo and video collections, but that is not all we have to offer. Photos and videos serve so many different purposes, so naturally, there are a variety of special projects we are pleased to assist with. Photos and videos can preserve memories, carry on legacies, and be used as sentimental gifts. Whatever project you are dreaming up, Picture This Organized is here to help.

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Story Telling

Storytelling Through the Generations

Throughout history, storytelling has been key in sharing memories, information, and preserving legacies from one generation to the next. Some styles of storytelling include letters, pictures, videos, articles, interviews, and audio recordings. Although the methods of storytelling have changed over the years, the heart of storytelling has remained the same: people want to be remembered and share their experiences with others

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Family History Stories

Family History Stories Through Interviews and Questionnaires

Every family has a story worth sharing. Capturing a family legacy lets everyone connect deeply as they gather to discuss favorite memories and combined history. Once the story is captured, Picture This Organized can help you share it through a family history album or tribute video. Family interviews allow us to get to know your family better so we can help retell important stories from the perspective of the people who lived them. They also provide a space for meaningful conversation amongst family members about their lives and memories that they want to pass on. The result is one of the greatest gifts you can experience with those you love and generations to come.