Organizing, Sharing, and Securing iPhone Photos to Relive All Your Summer Fun

Your iPhone is always handy to take pictures of people you love enjoying time together! Summer is in full swing, and there are plenty of things to do from enjoying family picnics and swimming to backyard camping and fireworks!

But, how do you keep track of all those new images added to your photo gallery? If you have an iPhone, it’s as simple as creating separate albums. This makes them easy to find and view quickly.


A Time and Reason to Tell Your Story

Picture This Organized helps you share your life journey with family and friends. We sort through the past and preserve the most significant pieces for the future. Tell your stories through pictures and videos of travel, activities, and milestones that can be shared with generations to come.

During the current crisis, we are still able to guide you while gathering photos, art, film, and managing your existing collections. Although we can’t do in-person consultations, we can support you through webinar appointments to show you what we do and how we do it. We’ll explain ways to prepare your items or digital files to mail or transfer to us, then collaborate and keep you updated through email instructions.

We also want to offer some interesting thoughts about how we can provide value to both existing and new clients at this time.


How We Create a Family History Book Focused on the Stories

How We Create a Family History Book Focused on the Stories

Any family history project starts with stories, and many of those stories are told with photos.

But we’ve found that family history books focus on the experiences and folklore passed down through generations. Text drives the book, and photos add interest and further illustrate the family stories.

We recently completed a 120-page book for a client that featured family stories shared through documents, interviews, family trees, and photos.

Read on to see the part Picture This Organized played to preserve and spotlight four generations of a family’s history. (more…)

Tips for Taking Memorable Holiday Photos

Tips for Taking Memorable Holiday Photos 

The holidays are right around the corner. 

While we busily prepare with last-minute shopping, wrapping, and cooking, our focus is on spending time with loved ones in the days ahead.

Then we face this age-old problem: the holidays are over and we realize everyone was too busy to take photos of the festivities. 

Here are some tips to help you take photos that will capture the stories of your holiday memories. (more…)

How We Create a Video Slideshow Celebrating the Bride & Groom

How We Create a Video Slideshow to Celebrate the Bride & Groom

If a family wedding is in your future, you might have “create a photo slideshow for the rehearsal dinner” on your to-do list. 

Video slideshows are a fun way to celebrate the joining of two lives by reminiscing with photos of the bride and groom at different stages of their lives and relationship. Photos of the bride and groom with family and friends also honors the important people in their lives.

The months of wedding preparation are full of busy tasks. If you’re tight on time, and don’t want to learn the technical side of creating a slideshow for the happy couple, our team is available to create it for you. Here’s how to get your photos ready for us: (more…)

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

How to Update Your Photo Legacy With an Expanded Hybrid Album

If you love viewing and sharing your pictures in photo albums, do any of these scenarios describe you?

You have shelves full of bulky scrapbooks.

You’d like to add to a forgotten photo album left unfinished.

You made a scrapbook or photo album for a family member, but now you want to update it with current pictures and stories.

If so, I’ve got the perfect answer for you! It’s called a hybrid album, and I guarantee it’s going to open up all kinds of creative possibilities for you.

You create a hybrid album when you take an older photo album or scrapbook (whether it is six months or six years old) and combine it with new, updated images and stories to create a brand new album. (more…)

iPhoneXR Camera Features

The New & Improved Camera Features of the iPhone XR

When it comes to technology, we can all rely on one thing: change! Doesn’t it always feel like companies release brand new models with better bells and whistles? And usually right after we’ve committed to a big technology purchase!

Apple is notorious for doing this, especially with iPhones. But if you’re in the market for a smartphone upgrade and you love snapping photos with your phone, it would be worth taking a look at Apple’s iPhone latest camera improvements.

Last September, Apple released two new iPhone models: the Xs and Xs-Max. Both of these phones now have dual camera lenses, but they are definitely on the pricier side. A more affordable option, and the one we will highlight in this post, is the iPhone XR.

We’re going to talk about some of the new iPhone XR’s latest camera features, and tell you how each of these can improve your pictures. (more…)