Creating an Album for a Second Wedding

Second weddings are a time of celebration and contain memories that should be preserved and shared. Oftentimes second weddings contain a smaller group of people at an intimate venue which can create a special atmosphere of close loved ones there to celebrate the couple. Some traditions may look different, but making the day a celebration of the couple and the love they share is all that matters!

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If you or a loved one are planning a second wedding, here are some tips to make it an intimate, memorable day of celebration. First, including a smaller group of people can save money and make it feel more intimate. Feel free to skip traditions such as the garter toss or daddy-daughter dance if they don’t feel significant to you. You can also change up roles of guests or your wedding party. Including children and grandchildren in your wedding party allows you to honor your favorite people and make sure they are involved in the day. If you want to have the ceremony and reception at a wedding venue, go for it! However, a more informal setting like your backyard can make the wedding feel less formal and more personal. Other personal touches you can incorporate are telling the story of how you met and what your relationship looked like at the beginning. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you make your day just as special as the first because you deserve to be celebrated!

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Last year, my sister remarried, and it was an honor to be involved in such a beautiful day. Her wedding was carefully planned with many personal details. The wedding date in September had special meaning as it is also the same date as my wedding anniversary with my husband. The time of year was chosen based on seasonal colors, and they chose her backyard for the venue as it has special meaning to their relationship.

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Creating an Album

I wanted to preserve the memories of the day with a wedding album, and I decided to add extra personal touches to this album to match the tone of her wedding day. We used the timeline of their relationship as well as the wedding program to drive the flow of the album. We even included a copy of the program in the album because it was important to my sister. Often wedding albums exclusively contain photos from the wedding photographer and only cover photos from the wedding day. This album is a combination of photos not just from the photographer but also the guests. This will bring a variety of photography styles to the album, but it adds perspective of the day through the eyes of the guests and the memories they created. We also included photos of the invitations, transcripts of their vows, and a list of guests and the special roles assigned to them. Additionally, we added the story of how they met as well as photos of their dating relationship, the brunch the day after the wedding, and their honeymoon. With all of these unique touches, my sister will have the full story of her relationship to enjoy and display.

Second Wedding Album

If you have wedding photos from your special day or the celebration of a loved one, we would love to work with you to make an album that is customized to the couple and their story. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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