Digital Photo and Video Slideshows to Mark the Growth of Your Business

Over the years, your business changes and grows to serve your customers better. Many of those changes were captured in meetings, celebrated at business parties, and updated on websites. Wouldn’t it be nice to commemorate your business’s growth in a simple photo or video slideshow you could show at the end of each fiscal year?

In our fast-paced, technologically advanced business settings, most of your business’s growth is captured online via cell phone photos, website articles, and marketing announcements. Picture This Organized can help you compile your business’s digital footprint into one place. You’ll have a visual representation that can be updated annually, shared, and celebrated with current employees and future clients.

Capture the Growth and Changes in Your Business

When it comes to putting together a photo or video slideshow timeline, we need to know how your business has grown to give us ideas of what to include. Some of the questions we ask our clients are:

  • How did the business grow? Slow and steady or leaps and bounds?
  • Has your team changed? Have you changed the team members, roles, or processes?
  • How did the services offered through the business change? Maybe some services expanded while new ones were added.
  • Did your location or business space change? Are you in a bigger space, or was a building or remodeling project involved?
  • What were some services your company no longer offers? Is there a story behind it?

With this information, we can digitize your photos, adding business milestones with captions to give each photo context. In addition, we can help choose meaningful songs to play in slideshow videos. Once the photo or video slideshow is complete, we will give you a link to the online slideshow. You’ll also get a playable flash drive to make copies and give to your employees so they can remember just how far your business has come.

Gathering Digital Photos to Honor Your Business Growth

There are other ways you can honor the history of your business’s growth besides photo and video slideshows. For example, you can display online digital marketing items like articles about you and the company. Show how your website or marketing materials’ evolved. Logos and color schemes may have changed.

If you need help gathering all your photos into a digital photo hub, we’ve put together an article series to show you how to do it. We help you organize your photo collection by giving you a step-by-step process for a custom folder system that makes sense to you. Then you can decide where your digital photo hub will live and protect those photos with a backup system. Maintaining your digital photo hub going forward makes preparing for your annual business celebrations easier.

To help us help you, we’ve written an article on how you can gather digital photos and sort them into themes to speed up the process. Places to find your digital business photos showing your company’s growth could be:

  • Your company website
  • Online sites like Dropbox, Google, etc.
  • Business social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Folders of images saved on your computer
  • iPhones and work phones
  • Group emails

To get these photos to us, we can set up a shareable folder via Dropbox or a shared album using Google Photos or Apple Photos. From there, we can assess your collection and dive into the process of sorting and organizing images that tell your company story the best.

Digital Photos and Video Slideshows Tell an Ongoing Story

One of the best ways to honor your business growth is by continuing to tell the story. A slideshow for each project or phase of business shares important milestones and accomplishments that can be sent via email to employees or put up on the big screen at a year-end celebration. We are proud to have helped many people over the years to preserve their legacy by combining multiple photo and video slideshow collections. Your business has come a long way, and we want to help you remember the series of events that brought you to today.

Contact us at Picture This Organized to tell the story of your business in photos, videos, and memorabilia. Feel free to check out the digital slideshows in our gallery to give you an idea of what we can do. Contact us with questions about the process and for help sorting your photo collection. In addition to preserving memories, you’ll be able to find your digital photos easily when you want to add more business milestones in the future.

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