Embracing Imperfection this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and schedules can get crazy. With your to-do list growing and the calendar filling up, the chaos becomes an opportunity for hilarious holiday outtakes and epic fails. But, in the midst of it all, remember what’s truly important and roll with whatever the holiday season brings.

Expectations may be high, and while we imagine pulling off the perfect holiday gatherings, those unexpected moments become the memories we cherish the most. Be ready to capture reactions when you forget to defrost the turkey or drop the pie, the tree falls over, guests show up late, or the kids cry in the family photo. How you manage these imperfect moments becomes a priceless story that you and your loved ones will laugh about for years to come. In fact, we believe you should highlight misadventures and embrace real life whenever possible.

Kitchen Disasters

‘Tis the season to host holiday parties, cookie and gift exchanges, and potluck dinners! With all the creativity in the kitchen, it’s almost impossible to avoid a disaster. Family recipes don’t always turn out as planned. From missing ingredients to setting off smoke alarms, preserve these moments!

Gifting Mishaps

Whether you can’t find the specific gift you have been looking for, the present didn’t arrive in time, or your wrapping job resembles the work of a toddler, don’t stress. How you stumbled on another amazing gift on backorder, enclosed a photo of it inside an unusually large box with an IOU attached, and wrapped it with your distinctive flair is what matters.

Embracing Imperfection this Holiday Season

Perfectly Hilarious Memories

Do you envision the perfect or imperfect family photo? We know from experience that not everyone will cooperate by smiling and looking in the same direction, especially the kids. If you succeed, congratulations! If you don’t, it is still a memory worthy of keeping. From blinking to falling, these are laughable family outtakes.

Relive the memories and emotions of what really happened this holiday season. These are sure to be the best photos you ever took. At Picture This Organized, we can help you collect and share these memories in a holiday photo collage. Collect photos from your family for yourself or create gifts for family members.

Family Traditions Change

Some of our best childhood memories come from our family traditions, regardless of whether they happened as intended. We hold onto them and hope to recreate them for the next generation, mistakes and all. Traditions may also evolve from year to year due to these laughable moments and epic fails. Pictures will tell the story of how a tradition started and why it continued or changed. This holiday season, embrace the unexpected!

It has been our family tradition to attend the holiday parade and enjoy Zoo Lights in downtown Denver. We might not get the best parking spot or vantage point, the kids might get tired, and the weather might not cooperate, but we plan it together and hope for the best. We capture the real story with photos when things don’t go as we envisioned.

Celebrating Christmas at Thanksgiving

Every year we alternate celebrating Christmas with our children and their families. When you have a large family, it’s hard to get everyone together in the same place and compromises may need to be made. This year our children will be celebrating with their extended families. So we decided to celebrate early and enjoyed Christmas in November during Thanksgiving weekend!

Christmas Celebration 2022

Embracing the Imperfection

While it’s easy to get caught up in striving for perfection over the holiday season, challenge yourself to capture all the joy and beauty of awkward and imperfect moments.
At Picture This Organized, we love preserving all your memories. Share your perfectly imperfect holiday photos with us on social media, and contact us to create a collage of authentic seasonal mishaps to enjoy for years to come!

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