Family History Stories Through Interviews and Questionnaires

Every family has a story worth sharing. Capturing a family legacy lets everyone connect deeply as they gather to discuss favorite memories and combined history. Once the story is captured, Picture This Organized can help you share it through a family history album or tribute video. Family interviews allow us to get to know your family better so we can help retell important stories from the perspective of the people who lived them. They also provide a space for meaningful conversation amongst family members about their lives and memories that they want to pass on. The result is one of the greatest gifts you can experience with those you love and generations to come.

Connecting Through Interviews

Interviews allow families to share their stories individually and collectively. These interviews reveal the personalities of each family member as they contribute their memories in their own voice, something which can’t be captured by images alone. It’s a much more meaningful way to view the past. The interview process offers a chance for everyone to come together, spend time with each other, and ask questions as they combine perspectives on individual trips, milestone events, or celebrations. Parents and grandparents can relive memories, experiences, and accomplishments. At the same time, children discover new things about their heritage and traditions that are part of their lives today.

Gathering the Family, In-Person or Virtually

We know that every family is unique, and busy schedules and geography can make it difficult to gather everyone. Therefore, multiple options allow for group interviews, individual, or both.

The interview process creates a setting for a unique connection that most families would not typically experience. Getting everyone together for this special project is possible with a little organization and proper planning. Interviews can be scheduled around a holiday or family event. Sharing a family legacy is an excellent excuse for a gathering, vacation, or reunion too.

Sometimes geography, accessibility, or illness may make it possible for all members to gather for an in-person interview. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology fosters togetherness. This process can be just as meaningful and exciting via video calls, like Zoom.

No matter how you choose to complete the interview process, we make it convenient.

Interview Preparation

Families can share whatever memories, history, or events they wish. However, questionnaires are a great way to begin meaningful conversations and help to choose a theme based on a period of time, specific family members, or memorable events. Each family member can complete a questionnaire to prepare for the interview process by creating their own set of questions or using the questionnaire provided by Picture This Organized. It may include the following:

  • Names and any family history behind the names
  • Favorite childhood memories, stories, activities, etc.
  • Influential childhood figures
  • Holiday traditions
  • First jobs and career paths
  • How spouses met, first dates, and the relationship journey
  • Significant moments in life that changed your goals and perspectives
  • Family heritage and ancestry

The Interview

Depending on the family’s preferences, the interview process will either take place in person or virtually. Families can choose the setting where they want their interview to take place. Some prefer the comfort or nostalgia of a family member’s home, while others may choose an outdoor space or studio setting.

The family will feel comfortable and at ease as they are guided toward meaningful conversations based on the prepared questions. In addition to the questionnaire, bringing a few photos and memorabilia to the session can inspire a story. You can use these items as prompts.

Family History Stories

Laughter, tears, and feelings of connectedness are all expected during this intimate process, and the interviewer will capture all the raw emotions as the family story is pieced together.

The interview process takes some time and may include multiple sessions. However, the time and effort are well worth the end result.

Share Your Family Story

Family stories contain memories, history, relationships, love, and legacy. They can all be handed down over many generations and lifetimes, offering a sense of belonging and reminders of where we came from. By using interviews and questionnaires, families are able to piece together different aspects of their unique story. Memories are both created and shared in the personality and voice of each loved one. The interview process is a gift that captures the hearts of family members and generations to come.

At Picture This Organized, we are honored to help share your family’s legacy through interviews. Please contact us today so you can get started creating a story the whole family will cherish.

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