Your photo and video collections tell remarkable stories. We organize them so you can remember every moment whenever you like. Easily display and share images with close friends and family in albums,  slideshows, and wall collages.

Photo Album Design

Family History

This album is all about family, designed to capture relationships and incredible moments from pictures, film, and collectibles. We learn about the roles, personalities, and genealogy of your family to customize the design. Show us what you want to include in your memories, and we will organize an incredible family legacy.

Scrapbook Preservation

This album has the look of the original scrapbook album without the bulkiness. All of the embellishments and details are preserved to trigger those memories of sitting on the floor flipping through the bulky, and usually a little dusty, album as a kid or even as an adult. We are able to combine a volume set into one album, relieving the pressure for one family member to be the “album keeper”. Multiple copies can be ordered giving more people the chance to enjoy this treasure.

wedding album


This style lends itself well to showcasing the wedding couple’s relationship. It can include pre-wedding events such as the proposal. Or simply showcase the professional photography of their special day from Getting Ready to the Send off.

Travel Destinations

Travel albums can describe the emotions and experiences of each individual, family, or group vacation. Details can be added from your travel journal including social and historical experiences. Recall, relive, and share the people and activities of every trip. We can research the locations to add unique details about the destination.

For more information about the types of print keepsakes and digital media to collect for each album, reach out to us! We will guide you through the entire process.


In the digital world, we can share photos using computers, phones, and tablets. Photo slideshows are moving montages that are easy for family and friends to view on any device. We can add music and text along with video clips. The finished project can be viewed at a celebration or a tribute. We will work with the venue to deliver just the right format for your event. Slideshows have themes, just like albums.

Wedding Rehearsal Slideshow

Highlight the bride and groom as individuals with their community of friends and family. Celebrate their life as a couple from the day they met to the day of the proposal. Professional photos, candid shots, and videos honor all the ways they grew to love each other.

Memorial Slideshow

A tribute to an honored life includes gathering photos from themes such as childhood, marriage, career, friends, and family relationships. We work together to select themes and align them with favorite songs. The style is simple to keep the focus on the photos and person being remembered.

Father's Day Slideshow

We pay attention to the relationship between father and children. Each family has unique common interests and each dad has their own style in the role of parent. Those interests are organized into themes. Songs chosen are often favorites that the children select.

Wall Collages

wall collage

Using a variety of digital pictures or scanned media of a particular theme, such as artwork, travel, school or family events, we create a collage in print or digital format. You are only limited by the size of the area you have on your wall. We can help you decide the best way to showcase your photos. You can hang single frames with multiple photo openings, several framed wall collages or collections within a digital frame.

The Picture This Organized Promise

Your projects will be designed exclusively for you.
Each tells a part of your family's story to treasure and share privately again and again. Your collection of stories may be impressive, and we want to make viewing your memories an exciting experience.

Your family will be amazed by what we accomplished together! Schedule a conversation to decide which project will work best for you.