Legacy Albums That Tell the Story of Your Business

If you own a small business or a family business, you know that a successful company is the result of time invested in relationships, dedication to developing quality products and services, and nurturing the growth of your employees. You and your employees have probably captured many nostalgic moments in photographs since you first opened your doors. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have these memories gathered and organized in a way that honors and preserves your business’ history and legacy?

A traditional heritage or legacy photo album showcasing your business milestones, significant projects and achievements, and long-time clients and employees is something that can be shared and enjoyed with colleagues, family, and friends. For your current employees, this is a way to honor and show appreciation for the hard work and commitment they have contributed over time. They may have been there from the very beginning. For prospective clients and new employees, it’s a way to show them they are part of something bigger than themselves, something that matters and has history.

What to Include in a Business Heritage Album?

Picture This Organized can include everything you consider significant, from print and digital photos to newspaper clippings and invitations from your first company party. You may even have saved the first dollar you earned.

Some items you might include:

  • A copy of the cocktail napkin with your original business idea scribbled on it
  • A photo of your first employee
  • A memo or email announcing your first client
  • A company holiday card
  • Pictures from company outings such as family picnics, happy hours, and other special event
  • Your first business card or logo design
  • An architectural rendering of your first business location
  • Photos of any famous or high-profile clients or customers
  • Pictures of business awards and important certifications
  • Photos showcasing your products or services

Picture This Organized offers professional organizing, design, and archival quality images to create captivating stories through photos and memorabilia. We gather client information, inventory your entire collection, and then create labels for every digital image using a consistent file-naming system.

We assemble the selected photos according to your business timeline, develop a background and choose accent colors, and then piece together a beautiful assortment of pages or backdrops for you to display your images. As an example, this album page shows my father’s business memorabilia.

Capture the Story of Your Business

The origin of your business is a crucial part of your business history, with precious details that can get lost over time. We can help you reach back into the memory vaults and pull out all the important facts and feelings worthy of highlighting. This is a really enjoyable process with our clients as they share incredible stories of risks taken, challenges overcome, and humorous occasions, too! Some of the questions we ask our clients include:

  • When did the business start?
  • Who was involved in the process?
  • Where did it begin?
  • What was the business’ original name? Original logo?
  • What were the first services you offered?
  • How were you funded?

These questions help create the initial storyline for your business memory album. Then you can walk us through the important people, milestones, and events that made the biggest impacts on your company. We fill in all the details as we sort through your photos and memorabilia and begin designing pages and creating captions.

Include Unique and Memorable Details in Photo Captions

As you begin to gather your photos and recall details about special moments, jot them down. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare digital and print photos before you deliver them to us. 

Your walk down memory lane will bring up interesting questions:

  • Where did you take the picture? On a business trip? At a client’s place of business?
  • When did you take the photo? What activity was taking place?
  • Who was with you, family, employees, clients, or vendors?


Do you still have the boarding pass from your first business trip abroad? Maybe you received a business card from an important dignitary or an autograph from a celebrity client. We can make copies of these items and include them in your album. You can also add items such as letters received from grateful clients, blueprints of your office building, and a copy of your first business permit.

A Business Heritage or Legacy Album is an Investment that Lasts for Generations

Your business is your baby, and it has grown in ways you may have never anticipated. We know all about that because we have our own story at Picture This Organized, helping so many wonderful clients over the years preserve their precious images and memorabilia. We love to look back and remember our original inspiration and the critical decisions we made that changed how we do business. We know you’ll want to do the same and we can help make that process an enjoyable experience.

If you think this would be a wonderful tribute to your business or the perfect gift to honor an employer or a business owner, contact us at Picture This Organized for help. You can also check out the family history albums in our gallery to see what your album might look like. We can answer any questions you have about the process and help you organize your memories to preserve your business legacy for the future. You’ll be able to find your treasured moments easily and add to the collection far into the future.

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