Mother’s Day and Graduation in 2020: Fun Ways to Change How We Celebrate

May is National Photo Month, which makes it the perfect time to capture Mother’s Day, high school, and college graduation activities! However, the world looks a lot different now than it did a few weeks ago. We may have to get creative about the best way to celebrate these events while still keeping a healthy distance.

Mother’s Day

Getting together for brunch may not be possible this year. Fortunately, many restaurants are offering catering and delivery.  Have mom’s favorite eggs benedict sent to her home, do a Zoom call, and enjoy the meal together! Include multiple family members from any location, take photos of the screen, and record the conversation. As a mother, I know pictures taken at each person’s home and mailed later inside a handwritten note will be priceless.

If mom is local, get everyone to decorate their cars with balloons and streamers, have the grandkids make signs or write on window glass, and do what’s called a “sign parade” past her home. Drop off a gift, flowers, or her favorite baked good. Take treasured pictures and videos of the spectacle and mom’s look of surprise. In a Mother’s Day blog post, I relive some of my family’s ideas and creative ways to express love.


Don’t let your graduates dwell on canceled ceremonies and postponed travel plans. Whether in high school or college, an online party event can be scheduled. From board games to music and dancing, just make sure you have a larger monitor or TV screen to make it feel like everyone is really there. Decorate the house in anticipation, have it catered, and give gifts as usual. The pictures and videos I have taken of my children’s milestones have given us even more joy when we took the time to create an album of those memories together. A new graduation album will be featured on our gallery page soon!

You may want to set up a fundraiser or ask family and friends to purchase coupons for a future event or travel date. We may not be able to hop on a plane to a favorite destination right now, but we can anticipate it by contributing to a company called We Will Travel Again through gift card purchases. Book a scuba trip in the islands or visit a museum in Europe knowing it’s already prepaid. Present your graduate with an itinerary and gift card, decorate or dress in the destination theme, and take a photo or video to share on social media to let others know how you will be celebrating. Show your support to the travel industry by including #iwilltravelagain. Keep these photos for an online shareable collage or album for the family.

Give and get advice from one senior to another in a thoughtful social media post. Senior adults can come up with a word or sentence of sage advice for their special high school and college seniors. Create a sign and take a photo, or do a video to impart your wisdom, and use the hashtag #seniorshonoringseniors.

More Photo Opportunities

In the last few weeks, you may have totally changed up your daily routine, started a hobby, or found other ways to communicate with family and work. At first, it was uncomfortable, but now it presents an opportunity. With no need to commute anywhere, there is more time to devote to whatever it is you are doing – that may be preserving your family’s transition from ordinary to extraordinary activities.

While elementary school kids are doing online video parties with friends, adults are breaking out the coloring books. From living room yoga to experimenting in the kitchen, these are interesting times. Take photos, videos, and recordings of daily living. How have we changed?

Picture This Organized believes photo projects are one of the most rewarding activities in life. The current situation is a unique chance to capture how our lives have changed. During the photo month of May, celebrate Mother’s Day and graduations, then take your photos, notes, videos, and recordings and  turn them into a keepsake album. Contact us to find out more about preserving and sharing your precious memories.

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