Need a Last Minute, No Fuss Holiday Gift Idea?

It’s getting close to Christmas, and you either haven’t had time to shop or came up empty-handed. How do you find something thoughtful with so little time? One of the most popular last-minute presents is the gift card. But not just any gift card will do.

We had a client who contacted us last year on December 21 to create a gift for his wife. It was something she had wanted for a very long time – to organize her family photos so she could enjoy them more. She hadn’t managed to get the project started yet, and we suggested assessing her collection to help her commit to getting it done. We customized a gift card and emailed it to him in time to be a hero on Christmas morning!

Collection Assessments Gift Card

Picture This Organized offers gift certificates for a variety of photo management services, starting with an assessment of your entire collection. We can come to your home or do a virtual visit to look at:

  • Prints, artwork, and memorabilia.
  • Digital images on computers, smartphones, camera cards, tablets, and websites.
  • Home movie tapes and reels.

We’ll ask you questions about your goals, computers and devices, current backup system, photo sharing needs, and how involved you’d like to be in the photo organization process. Once we understand your project needs, we can customize an estimate for the amount of your gift card.

Photo Organization Gift Card

We organize your favorite photos, memorabilia, and movies so you can view, share, and display them easily. We gather everything in one place before paring the collection down by removing duplicates, blurry images, and unwanted items and separating prints from digital copies.

To recognize friends and family members as we’re working, we discuss the key people, milestones, and events in your life with you. Understanding this information, along with software technology, makes the process faster and more efficient to put photos into categories.

We organize your entire collection in our office in Denver, Colorado. A consistent file-naming system makes it possible to quickly locate photos and remove duplicates or help you repurpose them. We can add a Nixplay digital photo frame to your project that lets us update you on progress as we go. When we’re done, it’s easy to maintain your collection going forward.

Backup and Storage Gift Card

Picture This Organized can help you preserve your photo and video collections in a secure storage and backup system, so your memories never get lost or damaged. We can help restore them or protect their current condition.

We begin by digitizing prints, photo albums, movies, and memorabilia (schoolwork, letters, artwork, keepsakes, and more). This involves scanning, high-quality photography, and converting film reel and tape collections that make it simple to view everything online and search for them in digital files. All media is kept safe and secure on external hard drives, optical disks, and cloud-based backup accounts.

The original copies of your photos, memorabilia, home movies, and artwork are preserved in recommended storage containers designed to keep dust and moisture out once we’re done.

Sharing Gift Card

Sharing images with friends and family is a big reason for having photo, memorabilia, and video collections in the first place. We meet with you to discuss your sharing needs and recommend the best ways to highlight your favorite pieces. Collections are often broken down into themed albums, with custom layouts and themes according to travelgroup vacations, weddings, and family history. There are two types:

  • Heirloom albums made from original prints and memorabilia are hardbound books to keep on your coffee table to share with loved ones.
  • Luxury albums are created in-house and printed from digital photos. They’re completely customized to fit your style and preferences and shared online.

Other ways to share your collections such as slideshows and video tributes are created to honor a loved one at a special occasion including graduations, weddings, memorials, anniversaries, and special events. The process involves:

  • Digitizing your photos.
  • Helping to select background songs for the video.
  • Adding memorabilia.
  • Using captions to tell your story.
  • Giving you a flash drive to play the video from your computer or smart TV.

You’ll be able to share memories with friends and family with convenient access through online sharing sites. Picture This Organized also uses sharing sites and digital frames like Nixplay as a way to keep clients updated during projects remotely.

Digital Photo Organization Gift Card

We gather digital media together, sort, and label it to archive everything to enjoy and share for a lifetime.

Digital photo libraries, such as Apple Photos, are set up to protect your digital photo collection after identifying the best copies, discarding duplicates and blurry images. We organize them by time and date stamp for easy access to create your next photo project using secure cloud storage.

Make a New Year’s resolution to sort through your collections, including memorabilia and keepsakes. These precious items are important for sharing memories and the family legacy for future generations. Contact us for a gift certificate for a collection assessment starting at $750. It’s a great idea to get your project started!

Once photo collections are assessed and organized, they can be made into themed slideshows, albums, and other projects more quickly in the future. You’ll be able to put great personalized gifts together for any occasion. We can usually get it done for you within a few weeks!

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