If you’re having trouble finding your favorite photos so you can view, share, and display them, our photo organization services can help.

We can pare down your collection and organize it, so you can access your treasured memories anytime you want.

Here’s How the Organizing Process Works:

During your initial assessment, we’ll gather up all your photos and videos (including print and digital files), so we’ve got everything in the same place before we dig in.

We have guidelines for preparing your photos for print organizing as well as digital organizing.

Then you’ll walk us through the key people, milestones, and events in your life. We’ll use these notes to help you organize your collection. It really helps when we recognize friends and family members as we’re working – it makes the whole process faster and more efficient.

When we’ve got all the information we need, we’ll organize your entire collection in our office in Denver, Colorado.

We’ll use a consistent file-naming system, so locating your photos is quick and painless. We’ll also search for duplicate photos and help you remove or re-purpose them.

If we are helping you manage your collection within the Apple Photos ecosystem, we can create a customized system for organizing, and managing your photo library account.

During the organization process, we’ll give you periodic updates on our progress (in person, via email, or by phone).

When we’re done organizing, we’ll hand off your original materials and your fully-organized photo collection, then give you recommendations for keeping your collection updated and maintained going forward.

Ready to get this process started? Contact us today for your free consultation.