Organizing School Photos, Artwork and Memorabilia Part 3: Masterpieces and Artwork

Pieces of art can hold valuable memories. Some pieces may have been won, awarded or gifted. Others may have been created by someone very special to you. Many of these creations took a huge amount of effort to make, and they hold special meaning. While these treasures are precious and sentimental, most people cannot display every piece of art they acquire throughout the years. Picture This Organized can help you preserve both flat and 3-dimensional masterpieces so they are remembered for years to come.

Organizing School Photos Artwork


When sifting through artwork collections, we encourage our clients to select the best pieces based on their overall significance. For example, a handmade gift you received from your child for Mother’s Day might feel more important to save than a coloring sheet that was brought home after a playdate. We will scan and digitize all artwork that our clients want to keep so there is a digital backup, and any original artwork you do not want to display will be organized into a secure archive box and labeled according to its contents. One way to display your art collection without taking up too much space in your home is uploading all of the digital copies of your collection onto a digital photo frame. This allows you to enjoy each masterpiece without needing to rearrange your wall decor.

Archive Paintings

School Projects

Kids create a lot of artwork and projects throughout their time at school. While you want to honor all of their hard work, the boxes of these masterpieces can add up. Keeping these treasures allows you to look back on the progression of their handwriting, artistry, and storytelling abilities. School projects like reports or presentations may encapsulate their hobbies or interests at that point in time. However, keeping every worksheet or school assignment can quickly lead to clutter. We like to help our clients decide on whether or not to keep school projects by asking these questions:

What does this project say about the student?
Is this relevant to the student’s current interests or to the family in some way?
Is this special or meaningful to the student?

Many school projects do not need to be saved in their original format and can be scanned and safely stored digitally or added to a school year's album. However, some projects may feel particularly meaningful and can be stored in an archive box for safekeeping.

Family Heirlooms

Awards and Recognition

Many awards are 3 dimensional such as trophies, medals, or badges/patches, and they hold special meaning to the recipient. They can honor hard work or act as a reminder of special hobbies and memories made with friends or teammates. We want to make sure the moments these objects represent are preserved without being overwhelming to store. Small items are perfect additions to keepsake or shadow boxes which allow these items to be displayed in one compact place. Another creative way to display these objects is in an album where the story of each award can be shared in the caption.

Archiving Certificates

What to Keep

We help our clients rate each item and discard any unwanted pieces in order to narrow down their collection to what is the most meaningful to them. For more information on our process for sorting through what to keep and managing other mementos, check out our previous blog posts.
We hope you have enjoyed this series as much as we have! We would love to help you manage the photos, memorabilia and artwork that can accumulate throughout the years. If you are ready to organize and enjoy those memories, contact us to set up a free 30-minute consultation.

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