Our New Home – Take a Look Inside and Meet Our Team

Nobel Prize-winning writer George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

We’ve seen a number of changes at Picture This Organized since May. We believe each one represents progress, but more importantly, each action benefits our current and future clients.

You may have already noticed our new logo and redesigned website. But that’s not all that’s new.

Earlier this month, we moved our offices from my home into a spacious, corporate building in the Denver Tech Center. This new office suite will help our expanding team meet the needs of our clients.

In this post, I’ll share some details (and some photos!) of our new location, and introduce you to our newest team members.

Why We Moved from a Home Office to an Office Building

As I built my professional photo organizing business, I converted two upstairs bedrooms of my home into office space.

While it was convenient for me to work in my own home, I started to notice some disadvantages.

Drawbacks of Our Home Office
Because the hustle and bustle of life continued to happen in my home, it was not the ideal place for me to meet with my clients for follow-up appointments.

Traveling to a client’s home meant I had to transport a lot of equipment and bins of photographs. But I didn’t have room in my car to bring everything. I had to leave important tools and project examples back at my office.

Space seemed to shrink as my team expanded. We were running out of room to spread out when working on projects, so my team members didn’t have their own independent work areas.

In such tight quarters, one team member training on new technology might distract another team member working on a client project.

One other drawback was our growing need for more technology capability. My home had very few electrical outlets and internet ports, and I had limited WiFi bandwidth.

In the last few months, it became clear we had outgrown my home office. We needed a different kind of space to work on client projects.

How Our New Location Benefits Our Clients

Our new dedicated office space will not only help our staff – it will benefit our clients, too.

PTO Office and Staff
When I work with clients, my initial appointment to assess their photo collection almost always takes place in their home. Later in the process, we work on their collection back in our office.

Now that we are in a business environment, it’s much easier for clients to visit our office to review progress in the place where all the work happens. The client meet the staff, see how carefully we handle their photos, and witness the quality of our services firsthand.

If clients bring new project goals to our follow-up meetings, I have a library of samples and tools at my fingertips with ideas to keep us moving forward.

I’ll meet with most of our clients in our new location, but we can also work with those unable to travel to our office on a case-by-case basis.

The Security of Client Photos
We make it a priority to guard the privacy and security of our clients’ photo collections. The building, office, and photo storage areas are locked, so client photo collections are securely stored.

The additional space allows me to meet with clients in a separate room from where staff are working on other client projects. Everyone can rest assured that visiting clients won’t see another client’s photo collection.

To protect the privacy of our clients’ photos, we welcome visitors by appointment only.

Locking Cabinet for Client Photos
Space Abounds
Moving from two converted bedrooms to a large suite of offices gave us room to expand.

We now have separate meeting spaces where clients can easily view the progress of their projects – including my office and a conference room where we can spread out photos on tables, or watch slideshows.

All of the additional space allows my team to efficiently use technology resources for collaboration and training.

We decorated our furniture and wall space with different photo displays. When clients visit, they can see examples of creative ideas they might want to try at home.

PTO Gives Back Display

It’s one thing to hear about our new office space – it’s another to see it! While we are working on your project, we will schedule an appointment for you to come by, meet our team, and see them in action.

The Team Approach of Picture This Organized

I don’t work on my client projects alone. We approach every client assignment as a team, even though we all have different roles to play.

Julie Kessler
My main role is client management. I personally meet with each one of our clients to go over our process, assess their photo collection, and ask about their goals for their project.

It’s my job to get my client’s photos, technology, and supplies ready for our staff to begin their work.

During the process, I check for errors and run quality control before I have any client follow-up meetings. I will also regularly update clients on any changes.

My main goal is to make sure we are meeting each client’s goals and requests.

Our Photo Team
Each one of our staff members specializes in at least one of our key services (organizing, scanning, album or slideshow design, and photo editing). They are also cross-trained in other areas and can support ongoing projects when needed.

Photo Designer – Leslie’s primary role is to design photo albums and slideshows, but she also works as an organizer to help get photos ready for those projects. Leslie is a photo enthusiast with experience designing yearbooks for her children’s schools. She has a keen eye for photos that can be improved, or images that tell a story.

Photo Technician – MacKenzi’s primary role is to gather, organize, properly identify, and name photos. She also has knowledge of album design and can support those projects when needed. When she’s not in the office, MacKenzi photographs weddings and is working toward her Associate Degree in Commercial Photography.

Our Marketing Team
In addition to our office team, we have two part-time marketing staff who work remotely.

Beth and Leza understand the intricacies of what we do and work together crafting a message that clearly communicates our mission. They also help educate clients and interested readers on topics related to photo organization via our website, blog posts, and social media.

The entire Picture This Organized team is mindful of industry changes and updates. We are committed to staying current and trained on the latest technology to keep our client projects up to date.

Your Life’s Treasures Organized at a New Address

We value our clients’ memories as much as they do. We want clients to be confident that the photos entrusted to us are safe and secure.

Everyone on our team is excited about this new environment where we can more efficiently serve our clients. With added space — and room to expand — our clients will reap the benefits of professional photo organizing in a secure, business environment.

We will set appointments with current clients to visit our office and see the progress of your project. If we have worked with you in the past, let us know if you would like to come by and see our new home.

Our new location is in the Denver Tech Center near I-25 and Orchard Road, 5950 S. Willow Drive, Suite 301, Greenwood Village, CO.

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