Preserving Summer Memories

Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to take stock of the wonderful memories that were created. Summer memories can take many shapes such as celebrations, family time, vacations, and the start of school. As your fall schedule fills up, let us help you get your photos in order. When we start organizing photos for our clients, we like to sort them into two main categories: photos by year and photos by theme. Our system allows you to easily find all of the photos of your summer festivities, get prepared for special photo projects, and stay on top of your 2023 photo collection.

family gatherings

Photos by Year

We often organize life’s everyday moments or special celebrations by year. Photos of weekend activities, birthday parties, graduations or anniversaries can accumulate throughout the summer. Not to worry, we can help you group all of your photos so they stay in order. All of our organizing includes renaming photos with the year, month and day of the image.

We sometimes add the event name to the filename, but more often we will add keywords so that these events can be easily searched. Then, we work with our clients to see how they want to highlight special moments such as weddings, graduations, or birthdays. Since these occasions are often celebrated by large groups, a slideshow is a great way to focus on the lives of those being celebrated. We can also create other customized photo projects from these special events like a wedding album or digital frame with an event’s photos loaded onto it.

family candid photos

Photos by Theme

We group photos of travel or annual back to school photos by theme so you can review everywhere you explored and keep back to school photos for each child organized. Summer travels often involve planning and details about the places explored, experiences had and people present.

To prepare for a travel album, we gather that information from our client. We like to collect photos from all the people on the trip, so our clients can prepare by giving us all of the different sources (phones, camera cards, websites) that we would need to access all the photos that were taken.

When the summer travels wind down, people’s photo collections often contain back to school photos. These annual photos are a great way to track growth and big milestones for your kids. We group these photos by person if they are focused on each individual child. However, if they include all of the kids, then it makes sense to organize them by year. School photos can also include class or team photos. We usually organize these by person. This way they are in place for a personal year in review album that highlights that person. We can download photos from the photographer's website or scan any photo prints that have been purchased.

photo album

Year in Review Album

We are just over halfway through the year, and it may be time to think about how you can make December easy on yourself by getting prepared for a year in review album. Most of the time we begin work with a client by organizing their photo collection, and then we move to special projects such as year in review albums. However, we can also start with a project like this right away.

For a year in review album, we gather photos from the past year and work with our client to start building the album as the year progresses. Since most photos are coming from smartphones, we can gather from their Apple Photo Library or Google Photos account. The year in review album is based on the main themes from the past year. We work with the photos that are the most important and there don’t have to be photos from every month. Sometimes there's a gap in time for highlights and that's okay! We will use the most important events and memories from the past year.

We begin with adding the photos, and then we add stories and captions. We can help you backtrack through the year beginning in January and working our way through your summer memories. As the fall and winter seasons approach, we can stay on top of your photo organization so you are ready to wrap up your year with a special memento for you and your family to enjoy. Picture This Organized wants to make sure all of your memories are preserved and shared with the ones you love.

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