Preserving Handwriting of the People You Love

A person’s handwriting is deeply personal and can encapsulate a part of them that we can hold onto even once they are gone. Handwriting can bring back fond memories of personal notes, business deals, to-do lists, and recipes. When the people we love are no longer with us, pieces of their handwriting can bring us comfort as we remember who they were. Picture This Organized is committed to preserving and sharing stories, and handwriting plays an important role in the stories our clients want to remember and share.

Postcards and Handwritten Notes

Many people keep cards or letters that their friends or family have sent them, and these keepsakes are extremely important for remembering those who are no longer with us. Letters and cards can contain memories, stories, and tiny details that help us remember our loved one and why they were special to us. Sadly, cards and paper are not meant to last forever, and they can become lost or damaged over time. In order to preserve these treasured memories, we carefully scan each note so there is a digital copy just in case anything happens to the original. I have a scanned copy of a postcard that my dad wrote to me that I will always cherish. Although the note isn’t long, seeing my dad’s handwriting is such a comfort and reminds me of little things about him that I miss.

preserving the handwriting


Many memories are made in the kitchen. Family recipes are often passed down from generation to generation and a specific dish can take you back to a certain time and memories made with specific people. Handwritten recipes can become special keepsakes when those people pass away, and some people leave a whole legacy of different recipes. While these are treasured keepsakes, they are also meant to be used. To avoid the original from being damaged by a mess in the kitchen, we can digitize these recipe cards to make sure they are safe and can continue to be passed down. We recently digitized and remade an entire recipe album from a recipe book that had been in our client’s family for years. However, as the years went by, our client noticed the pages were becoming more and more fragile. To ensure this book would continue to be passed on, we scanned each page and recreated it as an album using the scanned images. Now the family has the original copy as well as a copy that can be used and shared with other members of the family.



A signature says a lot about a person, and everyone’s signature carries individual characteristics. My dad’s signature was distinctive but sometimes unrecognizable. Folks often mistook his name and would call by their best guess - Don versus Dan. It is comforting to see his signature as it reminds me of his unique style. Your signature can be considered a recognition of intention and a formal agreement. It can be a symbol marking milestones in your career or big life events on paper.

According to a Wikipedia article on the function and types of signatures, a signature’s purpose is to tie a person to a document with their signature which is uniquely and indisputably theirs. We try to include signatures in family history documents as they often tell something about the era and the person.

We want to preserve every aspect of the stories you treasure. From photos and videos to handwritten notes and signatures, we are here to encapsulate those memories of the people you love. If you are interested in getting started with protecting those memories, contact us to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

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