Preserving the Only Copy of Your Family’s Photo Album

For years scrapbooking was a fun and creative way for photo lovers to preserve special memories. Unfortunately, these handmade creations can be bulky to store and tend to fall apart over time. With the help of Picture This Organized, you can maintain the look of your original scrapbook while being easier to store. We want to preserve your scrapbook, not change it, so this album has all of the same embellishments and details as the original.

Preserving Scrapbooks

The Scrapbookers Conundrum

The purpose of a scrapbook is to display fond memories, but scrapbooks can be very bulky and difficult to store. Many of these books end up in plastic bins where they cannot be shared and enjoyed. Over time, pages can start to deteriorate with paper becoming discolored or photos falling out. Scrapbooks also take significant time and effort to make. Due to this effort, it is not practical to make multiple copies to share with loved ones. Being responsible for the only copy of these memories can create a feeling of anxiety about the memories captured in those books being damaged or lost. Thankfully, Picture This Organized can help.

Making a Scrapbook Album

When making a scrapbook album, we start by making a digital copy of each scrapbook page using camera scanning. This allows us to capture a high quality image that can include any three-dimensional embellishments used on the album pages. Once we have digital copies of the original album, we begin creating a new album using the digitized pages.

First, we note any areas that require some editing. Sometimes the original designer used an ink color that doesn’t show very dark. In that case, we will darken or even trace over the writing so that it is sharper and easier to see.

Afterwards, the scanned pages are cropped so that any uneven edges are cleaned up. Then, we set up the album design including adding any necessary borders so that the dimensions of the original scrapbook pages will fit well into the new album pages.

Working with Multiple Volumes

We can combine a multi-volume set of scrapbooks into one album to reduce bulk. When we are combining multiple books into one, we are sure to include all of the original album pages so that you have all of the same memories in one concise place. Here is an example of one client’s multi-volume scrapbook set that was combined into one beautiful album.

Family Album

Once you have a completed album, multiple copies can be ordered to give more people the chance to enjoy this treasure. Protecting these memories takes the pressure off of the scrapbook creator and is a wonderful way to share scrapbook masterpieces with loved ones. If you are interested in getting started with a new album project, contact us to schedule a 30-minute consultation.

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