Picture This Organized can help you digitize your photo and video collection, then create a secure storage and backup system for you, so you’ll never need to worry about your memories getting lost or damaged.

Digitizing Services for Prints and Movies

We can digitize prints, photo albums, movies, and memorabilia (including schoolwork, letters, artwork, collectibles, and more). In this process, we’ll make suggestions for selecting what to scan and the best method to safely digitize your precious items.

If we’re digitizing an album for you, we can also remove the photos from the album pages and replace them after scanning.

Have home movies that need to be digitized? We can make recommendations for the best way to convert your home movies for the best outcome (like online viewing sites or digital files) to suit your needs.

We’ll always handle your items with care, and once they’re digitized, you’ll get the digital files back in a way that’s organized and easily searchable.

Creating a Secure Backup System and Storing Your Photos Safely

Once you’ve digitized and organized your collection, it’s critical that you keep it safe and secure.

Here at Picture This Organized, we’re photo and video backup experts.

We can set up a backup system backup system that includes local backups (to an external hard drive or optical disks) and cloud-based backup accounts, so you always have two levels of safeguards.

We can also make recommendations for storage containers for the original copies of your prints, memorabilia, movies, and artwork, once we’re done digitizing everything.

Photo and Album Restoration

Many of our clients have damaged or aging photos or albums. They want to keep these precious memories, but they’re worried about the condition of these items and how they might continue to degrade over time.

Picture This Organized can also restore prints for you (or even full albums, under certain circumstances).

We’ll need to take a look at your items in person so we can make recommendations and provide an estimate.

Schedule your free consultation today to discuss your digitizing, backup, or restoration needs.