Unique Photo Projects

We are delighted to organize our clients' photo and video collections, but that is not all we have to offer. Photos and videos serve so many different purposes, so naturally, there are a variety of special projects we are pleased to assist with. Photos and videos can preserve memories, carry on legacies, and be used as sentimental gifts. Whatever project you are dreaming up, Picture This Organized is here to help.

Special Albums

Many people create wedding or vacation albums, but we create albums to preserve any memories that you find significant! For example, a recipe album is a great way to pull together and share recipes that are special to your family. You may already have a family cookbook that only one family member has, and making replicas is a great way to share it with other family members. A life story album can also be a fantastic way to celebrate the life of someone you love. In these albums, we can document the photos and memorabilia from a lifetime's worth of special memories. Often these albums begin with childhood memories through their adult life.

We can also document people’s professional legacy with business storytelling albums. Many businesses have multiple “chapters” in their history, and we love preserving the story of where a business started and how it evolved.

Business Storytelling Album

Finally, holiday albums are a great way to share fond family memories spanning many years or even generations. It is fun to add holiday cards throughout the years, annual photos, or pictures from special traditions. Seeing how everyone changes and grows yearly can be so special to look back on, and they make great holiday gifts for family members.

Video Projects

Videos document moments that can’t be captured in pictures. There is something very special about watching a memory back and being able to relive it. However, many people have difficulty accessing videos in outdated formats. We can gather and digitize your precious video memories and upload them into one place you can access from any device. We also love creating video tributes for special occasions such as birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, graduations, rehearsal dinners, or anniversary parties. We will work with you to add photos, videos, voice recordings, and music to fit the occasion perfectly.

Box of Videos

Family History

Families have generations of stories to tell. Unfortunately, some of these stories can get lost if not passed on. We can help you preserve handwritten messages, the voice of the people you love and the stories they want to share. We created a family questionnaire to assist in getting conversations started and navigating what stories your family wants to pass on.


Handwritten Letter

Photo Gifts

Incorporating photos into gifts adds a personal touch and can make the recipient feel loved. We have made photo puzzles, wall calendars, or holiday ornaments displaying special family photos. Another popular gift is a Nixplay photo frame. We can assist in uploading photos, creating playlists, and inviting contributors to add their photos to the frame.


Photo Frame

Getting Started

Photos and videos are unique and can be used in a variety of ways. We love helping our clients with unique projects that highlight memories and tell their stories. If you have a specific photo project to take on, contact us to get started!


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