Using the Projector App to Watch Your Home Movies

Home movies provide a time for the family to gather together and relive special memories. Unfortunately, many home movies are inaccessible because they are stuck on outdated formats. Even if people have a way of watching reels or VHS tapes, these formats often take a long time to set up or switch between videos. Picture This Organized wants to help people enjoy their family videos again by introducing Projector App: a way to easily access and share all of your favorite family moments.

Video and DVD File Box

Projector App

Projector App is described as, “Your own personal Netflix,” which is the perfect explanation for the home video viewing experience it provides. This tool allows families to upload home videos into an account and stream their favorite memories on their TV. This app is best viewed when using a Smart TV or streaming device such as an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Streaming Stick, but it can also be accessed through a web browser. There are no limits on video length, so we don’t have to shorten any of your family videos to fit them all into your collection. Additionally, you can offload all of the setup to us beginning with converting your videos, loading it into the site, and organizing the collection by occasion and date. We can also make playlists of specific events and help you invite additional viewers onto your account. Check out this video from Projector explaining the ease of use and viewing experience it provides.

Our Process

  • We start by digitizing any outdated video formats such as tapes, reels and DVDs. We do some DVD conversions in house, but tapes and reels are outsourced to a trusted local vendor who provides the services onsite.
  • We rename the digital files with date and theme name (example: 1999-10-25-Disney World).
  • We create a client Projector site through’s authorized affiliate portal. As an Authorized Projector Affiliate, we can help our clients get any technical issues solved quickly.
  • We will collaborate with our client to help figure out the best way to organize their video collection and make categories and playlists for our client to easily navigate their collection.
  • Once the collection is digitized, uploaded, and organized, our client can add to their Smart TV and invite friends and family to view their site.
Projector App Screenshot

Other Video Viewing Tools Used

While Projector makes home viewing of family videos simple and easy, there are additional video storage, sharing, and viewing tools that we use for our clients' video collections.

  • Dropbox is used for uploading longer videos or videos that are less personal. It can be helpful to share longer, select videos with family, store videos to be shared with colleagues, or to store audio conversions. Meanwhile, we use Projector for videos of personal family moments and the larger collection of family videos.
  • SmugMug is the tool we use for sharing photo collections online with family or friends. This site also allows shortened videos to be stored and shared in the same place as our client’s photo collections. This is beneficial to keep photo and short video memories in the same place to be shared with others online.
  • External hard drives are used to store digital copies of videos and provide a backup in case any video files were ever lost. While this is a good archival system, Projector fills the gap for viewing and sharing an entire video collection.
SmugMug Screenshot
SmugMug Photo Library

How We Can Help

We can take our clients through every step of the video collection process beginning with gathering many different video sources all the way to being ready to view and share those memories in one place. All you have to do is drop off or send us your current video collection, and we will take it from there. Digital videos can also be gathered from iCloud, Google Photos, or other cloud storage accounts. We will give advice on what to upload and then take our client’s input on how they want their memories categorized. We encourage our clients to prioritize their most meaningful memories so those moments are easily accessed and enjoyed.

If you are interested in organizing and sharing your video collection, contact us to get started by scheduling a 30-minute consultation.

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