Celebrate Mom With a Video Tribute or Photo Album

Mothers do so much for us, from carrying us during our first moments of life and raising us to feel loved every day. Which is all the more reason Mother’s Day is extra special. It’s a day we give back to our mothers and let them know how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us.

A great way to honor your mother is with a video tribute or photo album revisiting all of her most remarkable life experiences. Unlike flowers or chocolate, photo albums last a lifetime! So, if you’re looking for a last-minute mother’s day gift, purchasing a gift certificate for a personalized tribute or photo album may be an incredibly thoughtful idea.

A History of Mother’s Day

In the 1900s, Mother’s Day became an official and national holiday, all thanks to Anna Jarvis. After her mother passed away, she wanted to honor the sacrifices her mother made for her children.

A century later, sons, daughters, and husbands celebrate mom on the second Sunday of every May by visiting in person, sending a gift, or reaching out by phone. Did you know more phone calls happen on Mother’s Day than any other day? Conversations with Mom on Mother’s Day are up to 37 percent higher than on other days of the year! There is no doubt just how important our mothers truly are to us.

Ways to Honor Moms

There are many ways you can honor your mom. However, some gifts are appreciated by moms more than others. They work hard to make their family’s lives easier, so the best gifts come with a bit of relaxation.

Here are some ways to show mom you care:

  • Let her sleep in
  • Give her a day off or alone time
  • Send her to the spa for a massage
  • Take her to brunch, a friend’s night out, or a weekend retreat
  • Clean the house
  • Make a hair appointment at her favorite salon for a stylish change
  • Buy her jewelry
  • Deliver breakfast in bed
  • Create a handmade gift

How We Celebrate Moms

At Picture This Organized, we know moms don’t have time to sort through their own photo collections. They take advantage of every photo opportunity, so it gets harder and harder to find their favorites and ways to share and display them. We know what to do with boxes of sentimental old photos, and she won’t have to lift a finger.

A video tribute or photo album is one of the best ways to honor your mom on Mother’s Day. Her photos may be a combination of still shots and old video clips. We can put them in order, organize them by date, theme, or event, and set them to music. Getting your mom a gift certificate can help her re-live some of her happiest moments through unique photo projects.

Exciting ways to use a video tribute or photo album:

  • Capturing the people and scenery of unforgettable family and group vacations (from local hotspots to global destinations)
  • Celebrating outings with mom like a day of shopping or exploring the city
  • Highlighting a trip to the zoo with all her grandkids
  • Recalling the times she learned to sail, ski, paint, or play the guitar
  • Sharing special events such as family graduations, holidays, and birthdays
  • Honoring milestones and accomplishments like retirement or a 50th wedding anniversary

Gift certificates for Mom

Gift certificates let mom choose how to view her treasured photos by choosing between a video tribute, photo album, or a digital frame.

Tribute Videos use old video clips, film reels, tapes, and smartphone videos to showcase family memories of trips, milestone occasions, and more. We digitize your photos, select songs to play, add images of keepsakes, and use captions for context.

Photo albums let you add images of notes from children about what they like best about mom, tickets for the next upcoming family trip, or letters and cards she’s written or received from her mom over the years. We always find ways to use memorabilia to add to the story of mom’s life.

Digital frames come with a scheduled session to load some favorite photos that can continually scroll through images. These photos can be shared with family members who also have digital frames. We can recommend the best digital frames, like Nixplay, that make it easy to update mom’s collection at any time.

Celebrate Your Mom With a Tribute Video or Photo Album

Let us help you celebrate Mother’s Day or any other memorable day with a slideshow video album. Contact us to put together the most thoughtful last-minute Mother’s Day gift ever. Chances are, her tribute or photo album will be the beginning of many special photo projects in your family’s future.

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