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Special Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad Smile

Every day, fathers are busy teaching their children how the world works and encouraging them to enjoy their favorite hobbies, sports, and activities. Father’s Day is an excellent time to relive some of the best “dad moments” in a personal and memorable gift, such as a wall collage or a family history album. Each gift is a lasting tribute that captures your unique relationship and extraordinary moments. From family photos to images of his favorite collectibles, it is a wonderful way to show your special Dad how much he means to you.

The History of Father’s Day

You and your dad might be interested to know that Father’s Day was first celebrated in 1910. But the journey to make Father’s Day official was a long one—more than half a century—because many men thought the holiday “domesticated” manliness. However, after the hard times during the Great Depression and World War II, men finally began to embrace a holiday to celebrate them. In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation that made Father’s Day an official holiday at last.

Ways to Honor Dads

There are so many ways to cherish your dad this Father’s Day, and we’ve shared some fun ideas below:

  • Go fishing or golfing with him
  • Take him camping or visit a favorite place
  • Make him breakfast in bed
  • Get tickets to a sporting event
  • Take a food or beer tour
  • Buy or make something that shows you treasure him

Bring your pictures of Father’s Day adventures to Picture This Organized so we can add them to a wall collage using a combination of photos and memorabilia in Mixtiles displays. Or we can add recent photos to other images of previous family events and experiences with dad in a family history album to celebrate:

  • Places you’ve traveled together (like a road trip through Europe or a Mediterranean cruise)
  • Traditional family events, camping, fishing, and hiking
  • A favorite concert or musician with an image of the record album or concert shirt
  • Special events like the birth of his children and wedding anniversaries
  • Sports team memorabilia
  • A trophy he received in a golf tournament
  • Collections, hobbies, and projects

Dads will cherish these reminders of their interests, passions, and accomplishments. Remember the artwork you made for dad when you were little? Mine framed it and kept it on his desk.

Dads of school-aged children have favorite memories from childhood that they’ve passed on to their families, such as skiing. My parents started skiing when I was in middle school. We learned to ski on a small hill in Wisconsin. Then they later learned to ski the mountains of Colorado during an annual trip with friends. This album page from my father’s 80th birthday album shares that experience with family members forever.

Skiing later became an activity that my husband, Tom, and I would enjoy even before we were married. And then we passed that love onto our children.

Dads with adult children can create a photo album together, highlighting business accomplishments or awards for volunteering or community service. As an example, this album page shows my father’s business memorabilia.

Another great idea for dads could be showcasing mementos. Here is an example where we used photos of art, woodwork, construction, and landscaping projects to showcase my father’s talents.

How We Can Help You Honor Your Dad

Most of us have shared more than a few trips, outings, or adventures with our fathers. Now is the time to combine those experiences into a wall collage he can hang on a wall in his home.

We can help arrange Mixtiles or Wexel Art frames to create wall collages for Father’s Day using your treasured images that show off Dad participating in his favorite hobbies and fun family outings. Memorabilia can be scanned and showcased along with a mix of photos. With Wexel art wall collages, each image is placed in changeable art frames in a beautiful display.

With albums, we focus on family and the memories you’ve had with your dad. At Picture This Organized, we learn from you about your family’s personalities, roles, and genealogy. Tell us which memories you want to include, and we will organize them into a spectacular family heirloom.

As we put images together for a Father’s Day gift, you may choose to create a Father’s Day slideshow. A moving photo album can feature his favorite songs in the background and include captions to give the photos context.

Celebrate Dad With a Wall Collage or Family Album

Let Picture This Organized help you celebrate Father’s Day with a wall collage or family album he can cherish for years to come. Contact us to preserve dad’s best memories in a gift the whole family can enjoy.


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