Why Hire a Photo Manager?

It may be tempting to tackle your photo collection yourself, but photo collection management may be more complicated than you think. The memories represented in your photos and videos are too precious to leave in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the necessary expertise. Here are several reasons why you should offload this task to the professionals instead of trying it yourself.

Photo Organizing

Feelings of Overwhelm

You have done a great job of documenting important moments, so give yourself a pat on the back. If you have boxes of photos and videos stored in your home, that means you have many memories for you and your family to look back on. However, sorting through years of photos and videos in various formats can feel insurmountable. Why put yourself through this misery? Our team of professionals is passionate about and skilled in what they do. We actually enjoy going through our client’s collection, and we get excited when we piece together a story that has become jumbled or lost amongst multiple boxes. We can help you sort through each precious moment and convert them all into one format. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and being left with an unfinished project, you can remain stress-free with an organized, easily accessible collection.

Photo Organizing

Trouble Creating a System That Works

Clients who have tried to manage their collection on their own tend to create impractical organization systems. Finding a good system is more complex than it seems. For example, you might think that organizing photos by person makes sense. While that can work for hobbies and sports, what happens when you have a family event such as a birthday celebration or a holiday? Suddenly, the system has to change to being separating photos by event, and it seems like a never-ending loop trying to find the right place to file each memory. We have a system for making sure events stay together, photos are in the correct timeline, and that everything is logically organized. We know how to find the best version of a photo and what to do with duplicates. Trusting the system we have created will lead to less of a headache for you and an easy-to-navigate collection.

photo organizing

Lack of Expertise

Give yourself permission to delegate photo organizing to experts. It may feel like a simple task, but you will quickly realize there are a lot of skills required for sorting and preserving photos and videos. We know the best tools to use for checking file dates, sifting through duplicates and what can be done to fix a badly edited photo. We are careful to handle your photos in the best way so that they are safe and secure when we digitize them. In our hands, your photos are going to be in their best possible condition and preserved for the future.

Knowing Safe Storage and Preservation Methods

Frequently, when a new collection is dropped off to our office suite, we learn that it has been stored in the attic, garage or basement. For most things we don’t use that often, that makes sense. However, photos and videos should be stored in a location where the temperature and humidity don’t fluctuate. Our client’s collections are stored in a lockable cabinet while we work on the photos, videos, or pieces of memorabilia. Then, the collection is returned to them in photo-safe containers with digital copies created.


Time Restraints

Even I, a professional photo manager, have trouble staying on top of my personal collection. I’ll get started and then realize I can’t finish. Although I know all of the right things to do to organize my collection, life gets busy. I forget where I left off or get sidetracked by other things. Thankfully, my team has the expertise and experience with the most efficient system to keep my family’s collection intact and well organized. I have the peace of mind that they know my family and each of our extended families, so when I bring new photos to them, they know where they belong. We love helping our clients offload this time-intensive task, and we know the value and importance in preserving your family’s stories.

If you have a photo and video collection that you can’t seem to get under control, contact us to get started!


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