Sharing images with our friends and family is part of why we love having a photo collection – so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to display and share your photos, too.

We can meet with you to discuss your sharing needs and make recommendation for how you can highlight your favorite photos in a way that works for you.

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Have Picture This Organized Create a Custom Album for You

We make two different kinds of albums for our clients:

Heirloom albums are made from your original prints and memorabilia. The finished product will be a beautiful album that you can keep on your coffee table and share with loved ones.

When we create an heirloom album, we’ll lay out the album for you using archival-quality materials to secure your items.

Luxury albums are created in-house and printed from digital photos. They’re completely customized to fit your style and preferences.

We’ll create a custom layout just for you, including themes and captions. You approve the themes before we get started, and approve of the final album before it goes to print.

There are many themed album styles to pick from. Some that we have created are travel, group vacations, wedding and family history.

Slideshows and Video Tributes

A slideshow or video tribute can be the perfect way to honor a loved one at a special occasion.

We can create custom slideshows for graduations, weddings, memorials, anniversaries, and special events.

How it Works:

For slideshows and memorial tribute videos, we can:

  • Digitize your photos.
  • Help you select the songs for the background of the video.
  • Include memorabilia.
  • Use captions to tell your story.
  • Give you a playable DVD and/or flash drive shipped directly to you, and/or provide a link to an online slideshow.


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Online Sharing Memberships

Once your photos are organized, they are ready to share with friends and family! Online sharing sites can be a convenient way to give your family access to your photos and videos.

We also use sharing sites as a way to keep you updated when we’re organizing your photos remotely.

We can help you select the best photo sharing options for your life and your goals.

Set up your free consultation today to discuss your photo album, slideshow, or online sharing needs.