Vacation – Remembering the Stories

A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.” -Author Unknown

Going on a vacation is an opportunity to experience new places and bond with your fellow travelers. The stories that keep those memories alive risk getting lost without a system for saving them. It doesn’t have to be complicated.  All you need to remember is Who, What, Where and When. 

IMG_3110Document the details!
Most smartphones have a Notes feature where you can record each day’s events. I’m old fashioned and prefer to use a journal. Get creative! One year we didn’t have pen and paper handy so we used the closest option – a dinner napkin and a crayon!


Who is in your group?
I know this seems like a no-brainer, but write down the names of the travelers in your group.
You’ll be thanking yourself when it’s time to share your photos with everyone!


IMG_1285Where did you go? If this was a destination trip, then the location is easy to document. But if you make lots of stops along the way, you might need some help recalling each place. Enlist the help of your travel friends if you don’t have an itinerary.

When did you travel? Check the clock on your camera or smartphone so that the time is in sync with where you vacation – when you arrive.

Choir Mission Trip_09 06 06_0332

What did you do each day? Did you try something new to eat? Making note of the funny experiences and stories are high priority. Write them down as soon as you can. Anything that falls into the category of “We will laugh about this someday” is a great story to share.

English plaque of Mark 1: 9-11 (had these in every language throughout entrance)

What you photograph can help to jog your memory.  So take a picture of yourself next to a sign, the front of the restaurant or even the menu.

So for your next vacation, bring a journal, check your camera clock and enjoy each moment! After you get home, if you want some help organizing your photos, contact us, we can help you find your favorites!

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